Vista 15P Fire Check


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Vista 15P Fire Check

Hello all, pretty new to the forum here so hello!

Last night our smoke detector went off and set off our 15p system. I entered the code followed by 1 and it seemed to shut off the siren. Arming the system today was fine however once I got home I disarmed the system and was greeted by rapid beeping and the keypad showing the zone number followed by FIRE and check. I tried entering the code plus 1 with no luck. I should mention that this smoke detector is hardwired by the way. Any clue what to do?

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You have a problem with the device or wire. Entering the code and 1 will shut it up, entering the code and 1 again resets it but will go off again if there is a trouble. Does the smoke have a solid light on it? If not then you may have a problem with the wire.
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For future reference, please don't be stingy with information. It actually takes less typing to name the zone in question (e.g. "Zone 1") than to type "the zone number". Not all zones are equal, and I like to hold down the number of questions needed in the "20 questions game" to troubleshoot your problem.

In the case of your Vista-15P, Zone 1 was designed specifically for 2-wire smokes, and if your smoke sensor is on Zone 1, there are different questions than if it's on one of the other 5 zones. So which zone is your fire zone?

A "Check Zone XX" is a Trouble condition, not an alarm. It wasn't there when you armed earlier, or you wouldn't have been able to arm, so it's something that happened between arming and coming home.

In the case of a fire zone, "Trouble/ Check" means the panel is seeing an "Open" condition on the zone loop--the physical circuit wires going to the fire sensor(s). Check the appropriate wires on the zone terminals in the control panel (which zone is it?) and make sure they aren't loose. Give each individual wire a tug, not all the wires as a bunch, if there are more than one on a terminal. You should NOT see the 2K EOLR (End-of-Line Resistor) across those terminals, whichever they are. You will probably NOT find a solid red LED on any of your smokes, since that would be an alarm and not a trouble condition.

If your system is monitored, first call your monitoring station and let them know you're playing with your system and to ignore any signals for a couple of hours. Let us know which zone and whether there were any loose wires on the panel zone terminals.
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RE: Vista 15P Fire Check



Terribly sorry about the information I provided earlier. I believe I was in a rush then which is probably why I gave the information I did. The smoke is on Zone 5. However, before arming the system earlier the keypad only showed 05 FIRE no check. However upon returning home the check was added so now it showed 05 FIRE CHECK. Also strangely, a solid red light is STILL on the smoke detector which questions me even more.
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Ok, if your smoke detector is on zone 5 that means that it's a 4 wire smoke (or at least it should be). If whoever configured the system didn't quite understand the configuration for 4 wire smokes on a Vista panel, they may have failed to set it up so that a reset command would interrupt the power and allow the smoke to reset.

The quick and dirty way to reset the smoke, in your current circumstance, is to either remove the head from it's base, for a few seconds, and put it back; or to disconnect the power wire for a few seconds, at the motherboard (it may be easier to simply power the system down for a minute. (No, you won't lose any programming))

Correcting the smoke configuration is a bit more complicated, and requires that at least one of your keypads be a 2-line alpha keypad (6160 or equivalent).

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