Monitronics Simon 3 panel - LED lights


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Monitronics Simon 3 panel - LED lights

This is a Simon 3, Monitronics brand, and I have been using the default master code.

I think my AC power supply must not work because with a dead battery, the system was completely dead. I've replaced the battery and due to no power for more than a week, it had no configuration at all. I had to reprogram all the sensors. Everything seems to be working except one last thing. Those 4 LED's at the top.

At least for the last 10+ years, the LED lights on top would stay on when the system was armed. The status light was almost always on no matter what. Now, the lights turn off after around 30 seconds or until you press a button. It isn't the end of the world, but it isn't what we are used to.

Option 49: Arming LEDs shutdown
This option determines whether the panel LEDs (buttons) turn off 30 seconds
after the last button press (on), or remain on for the entire arming period (off).
Default is off.
To turn this option on, press Add, Option #, 49, Done.
To turn this option off, press Delete, Option #, 49, Done.

I have selected OFF, but it should have been off by default anyway. This seems to not be behaving properly. Does Monitronics use a different option number for this? I can't figure it out.

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I've never heard of a Simon panel losing panel programming even if it was fully powered down for an extended period of time.

Perhaps the branded Monitronics panels are different?

Unless we have Moni techs on here, you may need to just reach out to them to find out if their panels behave differently than expected.
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You mentioned no AC power for more than a week. Was that, by any chance, due to an electrical storm?

Lightning strikes on your electric grid will sometimes zap panels randomly.
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Wierd.... the panel beeped 6 times in a row the other night, so I disarmed it and went to sleep. when I woke up, the panel was totally DEAD.

So I think the AC power supply has died and the unit had been running on battery for a while, then the battery had no more juice. I also think the LED behavior might be that when it is on battery it tries to conserve by turning off the LED's. I'll know if I'm right when the new AC power supply arrives. I hope it charges the battery though, or I'll have to buy a new one of those again.

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