Ptz camera acts up after entering night mode


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Ptz camera acts up after entering night mode

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Size:  14.9 KBMy Ptz camera works fine while it is daylight. When the night mode comes on it starts moving on it's own. Sort of like the startup positioning when it first powers up. The wiring to the camera was cut. Power cable, video cable and controller RS485 were all cut above the molded knot in the cable. I rewired it from the cut end to new plugs and wire leads. Video was simple, center lead and outside lead from camera to video plug. Yellow wire to center lead and black to outer wire. Control was camera green to positive lead and white from camera to negative lead of controller. Then I connected the 2 reds from the leads to the red from the camera and the 2 black leads from plugs to black from camera. There is a yellow wire from the camera that I can find no use for.
I tried taking off 1 black and 1 red lead but nothing changed. I am stumped as to what the problem might be with this camera. I am not sure even how I could disassemble it to see where the wires actually go but even if I could I have no idea what the various boards do in the camera anyways.
I posted a picture of the camera but it has no name on it.

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Without a brand and model; it's kind of a guessing game. Anytime someone starts cutting into wiring without documentation they are rolling the dice.

Typically, a PTZ camera is going to have 6 wires and possibly an earth ground:
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When it switches to night mode it turns on the infra red LED's. Those LED's draw more power than the camera itself. Possibly you are having a voltage drop problem.
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Thanks. Every camera I have bought has 7 wires. Video plug, power plug and 3 wires more. Two of the 3 are for RS485 and I always have a left over wire that I have no idea what it is for.
I always assumed it was to ground to the box for an earth ground. I never hook it up to see when I install the camera.
The colors vary according to the cameras. Sometimes those 3 colors are the same, green white, and yellow. But the green and white are not always the control wires. Sometimes it is the green and yellow.
I tried connecting the yellow to the black ground wire but it made no difference.
As far as low voltage I am not sure as I did not meter it but the power is connected thru a Siamese cable. I am testing it at my house so I can hook it (the power plug) straight to the camera to lessen the chance. Is there a certain voltage that is considered low?
I have had some cameras that use 24 volt but I don't remember if this is one. If I hook 24 volt to a 12 volt camera won't that hurt it? It seems to work great before the night mode come on with the 12 volt power.

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