Vista 20P + Envisalink4 installation questions before I program the panel


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Vista 20P + Envisalink4 installation questions before I program the panel

Current system is based on original prom on Vista 20P (installed in 2008)
Keypads -
6720 (used for programming)
5828 - wireless keypad
6150RM - used to communicate wireless triggers

5890 IR
5814 Doors
5816 Windows
5818 entry Doors
5808 smoke

Single partition

Currently using Alarm Relay Dial up monitoring

I'm about to ready to power down my Vista 20P and install the EVL4CG
(4 wires) and power back up. I have the programming guide (Envisalink 4)

Before I power up and start programming, I had some questions:

1) Field 191 > 10 - Based on the 3 keyboards installed on my system will this entry screw up the other keyboards?

2) Field 29 >> 1, I want to still maintain my dial up monitoring for now and add the internet feature., will this disable my dial up monitoring?

3) I see a lot of programming for 10 report code, do I need to inform this to Alarm Relay (dial up)?

I'm having problems with my router. Netgear has port Trigger or forwarding and not outbound as requested on the installation guide.

With setting port triggering for TCP 4022, I get messages from my Netgear router of a conflict with something ... Do I need to open these these ports or is the setting port forwarding?


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If you have 3 existing keypads, that means that keypad addresses 16, 17, & 18 are already in use; so you will need to set the Envisalink to use address 19, instead, and you will be turning on *192 instead of *191.

For programming location 29:
"If selected, all messages programmed to go to the primary telephone
line receiver will also be sent to the connected 7720PLUS, 7820,
7835, or 7845 Radio (sent in Contact ID format). The data line is
supervised as well as certain functions in the radio. If
communication is lost or a trouble develops, an attempt will be made
to send a message via both radio and telephone to the central station."

The system treats one of these units as if it's one of the cellular communicators, essentially.

Vista 20p installation manual:

You want port forwarding (port triggering is something used mostly with server systems). That's actually the default term, but many router brands use different nomenclature (sometimes within a brand family).

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