DSC WLS909 Programming issue


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DSC WLS909 Programming issue

This is my first thread. I'm unable to reply an old thread regarding similar issue how to program WLS909 to DSC5010. Fifteen plus yrs ago, I used to be DSC installer and now I'm sort of rustic so I appreciate helping me out the steps activating the wireless keys. Before going further, the following are my setup for my home:

-DSC PC5010 Power832 1.0v 8 zones (not sure about version but prog. worksheet says 1.0)
-2 KPL5500/832-LCD Keypads
-PC5132-RS 3.0v wireless recvr
-PC5204 pwr supply
-2 strobes and smoke
-9 WLS907 wireless win sensors
-Street Smart Security - Code Encryptor II (both fobs are lost)
-adding on 2 WLS909 wireless key (4 buttons). Each keys has SN(5 digit) & ESN(6 digit w/ a letter, ex. SN:61310, ESN:651E00

[804], [09-19] used by WLS907
[804], [41,42] 5 digit not 6 digit for WLS909, used SN instead ESN

The WLS909 not working at this time. Your explanation on earlier thread stated to assign wireless key a slot[41-56] and to correspond to wireless key numbers (01-16), how do you go by correspond the key numbers?

To program function buttons: (I done this so long ago and gave up)
[804], [59] entered 04, 05, 27, 30. Not sure what 27 & 30 means?

Since we're no longer under monitoring I disabled the TLM.

Few things I would like to accomplish:
1. Activate WLS909
2. Since we lost both fobs(Code Encptr II, still active), is it possible to open garage dr using one of four buttons (WLS909)?
3. Print out all programming
4. Dail to cell phone instead to monitor (disabled now), yes we still have land line.

I know this is asking a lot but I've reread all manuals numerous of times but like Ron said...DSC is terrible about instructions but it's there and not in linear fashion, I agreed...so much info missing.
The WLS909 has no instructions how to learn each buttons.


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The serial number for the wireless key 1 goes in 41 (assuming that it's not in use)

The settings for the key button functions go in 65-68 and affect all partition 1 keys.

You can make one (or more) of the keyfob buttons activate an PGM output to trigger a relay to control a garage door in place of the code encryptor (which you can still buy replacement parts for, by the way). This is assuming that the PGMs aren't being used for something else.

You can change the dialer format to "pager" to call a mobile phone.

What may be throwing you off, with a PC 5010 is that the manual is two parts: Installer manual and programming worksheets, and you need both booklets to make sense of the configuration.

PC 5132 RS manual: http://cms.dsc.com/download2.php?t=1&id=13730
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Thanks for the info..again I was DSC installer for 15yrs but it's been over 12yrs since I've done any reprogramming except batteries maint. and yes, I have both manuals with all programming notations.

Where are the info [804] [41-56] and [59] in the manuals, is not there? What are the definitions for entering these codes (03,04,05,27 or 30) for the fob buttons, no info anywhere in the manuals? Are there other manuals for advanced programming providing these info? The attachment you sent were similar to mine and [804] only showed [01-32] and [80], where's the rest?

FYI, 65-68 will not accept 5010 1.0v only 2.0v or higher. I've finally got it to work. Had several spares of WLS909 and they worked except for the one I was having troubled with...I put in wrong new batteries type 675(1.4v) instead of correct type LR44 or 357(1.5), my goof.

Moving on to garage door button. I do have PGM2 available, how do I wire and program it?

Dialing out to cell phone. I did the following:
[301] - D##########
[360] - 02, 02
[380] - Toggled on 1 & 4

When system tripped, it dialed to my cell phone, answered it then I hung up. However, it triggered trouble light stating Communication, my guess is the system never got confirmation?
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The correct format for 360 is 05 (pager)

The function key option list is on page 11 of the receiver manual.

If your system is a version 1.x panel, then the command output programming does you no good (probably why you went with the code encryptor). It doesn't work on the first generation panels.
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I know I asked too much questions on several topics and would like to clear this up, my pardon.

First, in regard calling cell phone using DSC PC5010 1st generation, I understand the equipment is limited since its was used during pager era, not cell phone. However, I know its capable dialing out and it reached my cell phone is all I needed without triggering trouble light 'Communications', is this possible? If possible, what are the instructions how to allow handshake and kissoff without triggering trouble light?

Also, since it doesn't reside in alarm memory, how do I rid the trouble light?

Oh, BTW, I had the wireless receiver manual and did not know the programming info was at the end of the manual, can't believed I overlooked that part, again, my pardon.

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