wifi based home security including outbuilding


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wifi based home security including outbuilding

I need to setup a security system primarily for an outbuilding that receives house wifi inside. I need to have surveillance within my home, at least recording when motion activated with a siren and a household alert. I would also add my home and prolly another building to this as well, though not sure in what capability. I really have no idea what I need and would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks
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Welcome to the forums.

I need to setup a security system primarily for an outbuilding that receives house wifi inside.
You could use the house wifi to transmit a signal to a central station if you are looking for offsite monitoring. The alarm itself doesn't use the wifi except for communicating off premises.

What type of system is needed here ?
Doors, windows, motion detection ?

I install a lot of security cameras outside a premise...... very few if any inside. I don't recommend having indoor cameras connected to a network device where it can be hacked and your private cameras are viewable online. I do not install any cameras in a bedroom or bathroom and I have gotten requests.

I wouldn't consider cameras with motion sensing as an ideal alarm system. When a camera registers motion... the perp is already inside the home.

Are you protecting people from a burglar or are you guarding expensive items ?

If you rely on the cameras to initiate an alarm.... that means no one can be in that area or the alarm will false.
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I am protecting valuable property from an act of vandalism is the easy answer. The protected property is in a building less than 100 yards from my house. The building is open on the end facing my house and has no other entrances or windows. I built a gate 8' tall to span the opening and installed a yard light hanging down from the center of the opening. I need to secure the building with a fairly comprehensive security system as much as to help prevent the vandalism as catch someone doing it. I thought to be able to record and monitor from my house that I would need wifi. It would also be good to know if an intruder was there while I was away. Not really needing anything for the house, just thought with a good system could do some stuff there as well. I also want a siren.
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As has become a common bit of confusion; you seem to be blurring "intrusion alarm" and "video surveillance". As a general rule, the two things are separate systems, that can, with the right combination of hardware and software, be somewhat integrated together.

Video based motion detection tends to be fussy and not really that reliable, being highly prone to false trips. The better solution is to use a intrusion alarm system that has dual tech motion detectors, and outputs that can trigger the video system into a higher recording rate, or generate alerts.

Here are some reviews of consumer grade wireless cameras: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/

One thing to understand when viewing camera specs: Take the listed range and cut it by about 1/3. The testing they do to establish range doesn't really take into account our modern RF noisy environment.

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