Vista-128BPT - unscrambling my brain!


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Vista-128BPT - unscrambling my brain!


A newbie looking for some help!
I have a home in the islands (very little local support) and need:
  1. 21 Door/Window Sensors (that work with exterior bi-fold plantation shutter doors) [3 each in 7 rooms]
  2. 20 Wall mounted motion detectors
  3. 20 Wall mounted smoke detectors
  4. 10 Ceiling mounted smoke detectors
  5. 4 Carbon Monoxide Detectors [wireless]
  6. 2 heat detectors
  7. 3 shock sensors (used on iron gate)
  8. 10 panic buttons
  9. X Zone Expanders
  10. Connectivity to home automation system

So - I'd love to have each smoke on its own zone, so if triggered I know where it is. This leads me to believe that the 128BPT is the way to go.
Now, this is where I get stuck:
  1. 4208XX Zone Expanders -- I see 4208SN and 4208EX -- which should I get...don't really understand the difference!
  2. Smokes, Heat --- so many gazillions of choices --- not a clue! I have 4+ strands to every location - all home run.
  3. Carbon Monoxide -- wireless.
  4. Motion Detectors -- 10 strands of wire available.

Sorry for such a big list...and thanks in advance...

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The 4208sn is the "V-plex" expander that connects to the addressable device loops on the system.

The 4208ex is an 8 zone hardwired expander that lets you use standard hardwire devices.

Given the complexity of your described system; the "V-plex" option is probably the smarter way to go. The individual devices will cost a bit more, but will have the advantage of each device having an individual zone/identification on you system, and the installation will be simpler, because you are just creating a data loop to talk to the devices.

For the wireless CO detector; your only real choice to integrate with the system is the Honeywell model:

You are trying to set up what will be a very large, complex system. The Vista 128 panels are fairly powerful; but the learning curve is somewhat steep...
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Ah -- thanks...makes more sense now...can one use both at the same time?

Rather than drive everyone nuts on this board, is there some place to go where I can design the system with some expert help and then ship it to the caribbean? The install is manageable and monitor-able locally.

On the one hand it doesn't seem that complicated on paper (get a board, get a zone expander, add sensors). On the other hand, there are so many options that a newbie like me is certain to get it wrong - without guidance.


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128BPT Brain Strain

I'm new around here but think I can at least point you in the right direction.
I use a lot of 128 panels. I will give you some of the basics. How are you programming this. At a minimum, you need a 6160 custom english touchpad.
To start off with:
If your using vplex 8 zone remote point modules, you can connect your motion detectors, doors, windows, and heat detectors directly up to them.
One device (door) (Window) per point on the module.
You have 9 zones on the panel.
I would recommend using vplex 5192 addressable smoke detectors. It's the only easy way to put each smoke detector on it's own zone.
Make sure you program any vplex zones under serial number mode. If it gives you the option for dip switch mode - don't do it.
You will need to program "devices".
This includes your touchpads and your rf receiver (being used for your CO dets).
Every vplex zone or wireless device has a specific serial number.
This isn't a dig, but if you are not familiar with Honeywell programming - as mentioned before, there is a major learning curve in your future. When I have a large job to program, I sit the night before with my laptop and write the majority of the program. I tweak/adjust it on the jobsite.
I always looked at touchpad programming as driving a car while looking through a cardboard tube. You can see what's in front of you but there is a whole lot more out there you're not seeing.
I hope I was of some assistance.

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