Surveillance for 3.5 Acres needed


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Surveillance for 3.5 Acres needed


I live on 3.5 acres. My drive is about 300 feet from my house. At the end of my drive I have a nutty neighbor. I'm getting a fence installed, however, would also like a security system to monitor the drive and around our property.

Any suggestions on a Wi-Fi HD security system or wired system that would work?

Thanks in advance!
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Do a GOOGLE search on "driveway alarm system". Lots to look at.
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I have Dakota Alert sensors along my driveway. One at the end can give the earliest warning but you do get false alarms from people turning around. Another further down the driveway give you more definite notice that someone is coming and the time between the first and second alarms indicates speed.

There are hundreds, thousands of brands of video surveillance items. You said your property size but didn't mention ranges. I'm not a big fan of wi-fi but it is handy close to the house. Depending on your ranges you may want cameras on RF.

IR illuminated "night vision" cameras are a marketing thing. You are paying to operate a light source in the non-visible spectrum which is fine if you need to be discrete. If you don't need to be discrete then I prefer visible light. You get the benefit of light and the cameras will work in color. Also, IR illumination isn't totally discrete. Anyone with a digital camera/cell phone can see your camera's illumination source.
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FYI.... even wireless cameras need power so you'll still need to anticipate wiring.
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Exterior options

Iím new to the site but will throw in my 2 cents worth.
Cameras work. They let you see whatís going on and they keep a record (DVR) of what happened when you were away. A couple of pros and cons. If youíre sitting at your kitchen counter and have a monitor where you can see it Ė you will know firsthand if you issue. Works great. I canít see my driveway from my kitchen and the camera lets me know whatís going on. We, like a lot of people, hang out in the kitchen. As far as recorded incidents, it gets a lot more complicated. DVRs can be set to record only when there is motion. This works great until you put your camera outside. A DVR will see a cloud moving to block the sun as motion. Same goes for trees and wind. You can turn down the sensitivity but now you may not catch what you're looking for. Next, take is from someone who has spent way too much time looking for an incident for a customer, you need to have a target time and date to go searching. If your tractor has been messed with, you hopefully have a general idea when Ė hopefully. If you canít narrow your search to a brief window of time, you are going to spend an extremely long time doing a review. It gets real old real fast. The last issue youíre going to have is camera quantity. Three and a half acres is a lot of area to cover and still expect to see detail. Yes, someone messed with your tractor (just an example) but youíre going to have a tough time seeing who. It could be done but youíre going to need a wire trencher.
Beyond the camera discussion, there is some equipment out there that may work but they are more along the line of commercial grade devices rather than you basic residential stuff. If youíre installing a chain link fence, there is a company that sells a fence sound system. Basically, it consists of a long coax wire that you tie wrap to the fence. The coax becomes a microphone that connects to a processor. Itís adjustable, and actually works. I donít remember the name of the company but I used the equipment to protect a huge yard full of construction equipment. It works as long as your fence is in good shape. If your fence isnít good and tight, it a false alarm looking for a place to happen. Same goes for tree limbs.
The only other piece of equipment I have used that might be of use would be long range photo cells. There is a transmitter on one end and a receiver on the other end. Your back to trenching wire. I used to use DS units (Detection Systems) that later was bought out by Bosch (I believe). They had a range of 300í and worked quite well. Only problem I recall was real heavy snow fall.
Good luck with your neighbor.

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