DSC 1864 lockout


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DSC 1864 lockout

I recently bought a home, have a DSC PC1864 with 40 zones and 3 RFK5500 keypads, I do not have installer or master codes. I tried factory​ codes not working, and Iam getting the clicks so installers code is locked out. I want to do internet self monitoring and I know that I have to now get a new board to get this system running, the question is there anyway to preserve programing before I put new board in?

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Welcome to the forums.

Installer's Lockout is indicated by 10 rapid clicks from the phone relay on the main circuit board on power up.

If that's what you're getting then the panel can be defaulted. That will reset the master and installer code but all programming will be lost. Basically the same thing as replacing the board.

While the alarm is still programmed you need to write down what is on every zone and whether hardwired or wireless. You will also have to program your keypads in as well all expansion modules.

It's quite an undertaking if you don't know panel programming.
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Actually, if the installer lockout is activated; using the hardware default will wipe out everything in the programming _except_ the installer code. That's why it's pretty much a case of, short of a lucky guess at the programmed installer code, you end up replacing the motherboard.

There's no way to make a backup of the programming without having the installer code; you even need the installer code to connect to the panel with the download software.
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Okay, thanks for your help guys, I will purchase a new board and reprogram. I may need your help later on when I start programming.

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