DSC System Security Strength / Penetration Questions

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DSC System Security Strength / Penetration Questions

I am evaluating the security of my system. I have a few main questions, since I am trying to minimize possible attack vectors.

(1) Is the disarm pass code stored in they keypad OR control panel?

I want to make sure that even by having a secure installer code / master code / and user code, that a thief could not bypass this by RIPPING out my keypad, connecting his keypad with a known code, and then disarming the triggered system.

(2) If the above is possible and the thief disarms the system after it was triggered, would my monitoring company still call me to report a triggered alarm so then I can at least act on the event and check the scene out / call the cops?

(3) The wireless motion sensors have a sleep schedule to conserve battery. If the thief comes in and rips out the keypad before any sensors are triggered, or during the allotted entry period, will the alarm still trigger? I would hope the act of losing keypad communication while armed, or awaiting disarm code, would trigger an alarm in itself.

(4) Does the control panel or the keypad receive the wireless signal from the motion detectors? I am, asking since if the keypad is destroyed before triggering an alarm itself, then nothing can trigger the control panel to send an alarm as all wireless communication would be lost.

I am asking this, since I want to make sure the keypad is NOT a central point of possible failure. If I have to HIDE the keypad, and silence its speaker, I would rather rely on wireless entry methods.

If anyone can give insight on my security concerns I would appreciate it. If not, I will have a fun day trying to penetrate my own system so my mind can be at ease.
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Welcome to the forums.

The codes are stored in the alarm panel so that multiple connected keypads can access them. Ripping off a keypad in an armed system will initiate an alarm. If the alarm is off.... nothing will happen.

Wireless motion detectors have a sleep mode that once motion is detected it reports an alarm.... and then the detector itself sleeps for +/- 5 minutes.

If the wireless motions are programmed for interior follower it means the panel will ignore them once the delayed door is opened. After the entrance delay expires they will trigger an alarm. Motions are usually programmed this way if they are in sight of the entering door where the keypad is.

The signal is received by wherever the receiver is. You could have the receiver in with the main panel and there would be two white antennas there or a wireless receiver keypad could be used.

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