Very simple DSC questions...

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Very simple DSC questions...

I've been working through getting my DSC system installed and programmed, and have a few questions that may be silly, but have been bugging me.

1) Is it true that if there is a PC5108 installed (zone expander) then NONE of the zones it represents can be used for wireless devices? Ie if I have two exapanders on PC1832, covering zones 9-16 and 17-24, then zone 24 cannot be used for a wireless device even if it's not being used for a wired? I originally had my 2nd (not needed at this time) zone expander installed and a wireless device on 24, but it kept throwing a zone trouble error. Removing the expander seems to have cleared it.

2) Whenever the system boots up, door chimes are disabled and must be enabled by holding the CHIME button. Is there no way to have the system boot with chimes enabled by default? I can't find any such setting (and yes the chime attribute is set for zones and does work normally, it just doesn't default to "on").
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Yes, if I recall, the zones on the expanders can't overlap wireless zones.

The chime function is a "soft" feature, and would have to be turned back on after a power cycle. There is no setting to make it the default (that's pretty universal, regardless of brand/model).

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