Question on Vista20P modes


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Question on Vista20P modes


I was wondering if there was a way to add another mode to the VIsta20p. Today, I have the normal "away", "Stay" and "NIght-stay" modes, but would like to add one more "Stay" mode as to account for an additional motion detector..

I am pretty comfortable with the programming, so no issues there.

Can it be done?

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Steve, I'm not sure I understand your question.

"Stay" Mode arms the perimeter zones.
"Away" Mode arms all zones, perimeter and interior. (Motion sensors are almost always interior.)
"Night-Stay" Mode arms perimeter zones plus selected interior zone(s), usually the one(s) you're sure you won't trip if you get up in the middle of the night. Motion sensor zones that cover the hallway connecting bedroom doors with bathroom doors are usually not selected.

If you're adding another motion sensor, do you want to select its zone to be included in Night-Stay Mode; or do you want another mode entirely? I'm assuming you will be adding another zone with the motion sensor, since motion sensors need their own zone.

If you want another mode entirely, explain how you want it to behave differently from the arming modes already mentioned. Or are you just talking about adding an extra interior zone?
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My bad, let me clarify.. I’m basically looking for another “Night-Stay” where I can have the same effect as the other but with a different set of motion sensors? Does that make sense?
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No, for a Vista 20p, any additional variation on the stay arming will take manual bypassing of the zones involved.

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