Question on long distance CCTV

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Question on long distance CCTV

I'm a security/camera installer and recently i've had a couple of different opportunities come up that i had to pass on because I didn't have the ability to do the job. Basically, the jobs were for a couple of municipalities that wanted cameras installed at one location but wanted the recording device and monitor a couple of miles away at the town hall. They weren't interested in just being able to pull the footage up remotely on a smartphone, they wanted the signal sent from those cameras to the town hall/police dept. I know it can be done because another company was able to get it done. I'm certainly not asking for anyone to fully educate me on this in a forum, but can anyone give me a general idea of what this would involve? What type of equipment you'd need, etc?
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If they have their municipal computer network in the remote location, you could use a Network Video Recorder and network cameras. Bandwidth in particular would need to be discussed with their IT department. However, they would probable end up doing the job. I saw decent work from IT departments, but I also saw some total disasters.
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Well, I'd check into ISP supported WiFi access, or 5G phone based routers.

Basically, large ISP providers have figured out they can sell WiFi access through the routers they provide to local small businesses. Most new routers have 3 or 4 WiFI channels ,
one is 2.4gHz, one is 5gHZ and one is a "guest".
Comcast and others have changed the "guest" channel into, a paid for access WiFi channel, e.g. "Xfinity WiFi" which is available to anybody who suscrubes to the Xfinity WiFi system.
Suscribers get WiFi accesss through local business's routers, through a firewalled account on the same router that services the business.

Many cellphone companies also offer 5G internet access via router.
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I do long range video like that. Many times wireless is not available. We use Verint microwave repeaters for hops up to 7-8 miles. Not cheap. You could be looking at several thousand dollars for a complete dual direction link.
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Thanks fellas! This is what i was looking for.

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