Ademco Vista 20P, 6150RF and Wireless


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Ademco Vista 20P, 6150RF and Wireless

Ademco Vista 20P with a 6150RF and 5800 wireless sensors.
Approximately how long do batteries last in 5800 sensors?
I assume that if a sensor batteries dies while system is armed the alarm will be triggered, correct?
Is there any type of indication that a sensor battery is low?
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The 5800 sensors send a low battery signal when they start to get weak. The lithium batteries fade faster than some other kinds of batteries, but they don't die all at once, and no, a dead battery doesn't cause an Alarm. At most, it causes a Trouble condition--keypad beeps at you to notice the panel hasn't heard from that sensor lately (within the last 12 hours). But the low-battery notice comes long before that happens.

A 5816 sensor's battery (CR123 lithium) will typically last about 5 years. Obviously, you have to allow for sensors that transmit a lot more frequently than most, like the most-used door in a house with several children constantly going in and out.

Other 5800 RF devices might last less because of different batteries and function of the device. I honestly couldn't tell you what lifespan to expect from the batteries of other devices, but if you list what RF devices you have, other techs on the board might be able to tell you.
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The average with all of the lithium battery transmitters is 3-5 years. Even if it's appearing to hold well at 5 years, I recommend a swap at that point.

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