Security camera suggestions?

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Security camera suggestions?

I would like to mount a security camera near my front door. For several reasons I do not want to install a doorbell type camera. I am looking for suggestions about either wired or wireless cameras.

Here is the situation:

* My front door has glass panels and is inside an enclosed glass vestibule on a covered front porch. There is a closet directly opposite the door inside where a camera could be mounted looking out. (Security system motion detector is there now and would stay.)
* I have an intercom and a DSC security alarm system. When alarm is triggered system turns on all outside lights--driveway, front walk, front porch, vestibule, floodlights on both sides and in rear yard, light at rear door.
* Electric power is nearby.
* I could run a wire for a camera from the ceiling of the vestibule to a closet above in the family room where the TV, network modem, etc. is located.
* Although the front door is my primary concern I might want to place cameras at other locations to view the sides and rear of the house. Wiring to the sides would not be difficult. Wiring to the rear would be a problem.
* An iPhone is available but I do not want to use it as a primary control. Using it to view the camera would only be done rarely if I am traveling and need to monitor a situation such as response to an alarm condition.
* I would like to be able to view on my TV using a separate HDMI or computer input.
* I would like to record the image for at least several days.
* I have a spare MacBook computer that I could dedicate to the security camera.
* I have a home Wi-Fi network.
* Pan-Tilt-Zoom is not required.
* A camera in the vestibule or inside the house pointing out must be small and discreet.
*Total price about $150 to $200.

Other than 24/7 continuous or motion-activated recording, the most likely use would be to view someone at the front door when I am in the family room on the second floor.

Trying to decide between a small wired system (4 cameras?) with DVR or several separate cameras on Wi-Fi network with DVR or computer monitoring.

Your suggestions will be appreciated.
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Everybody has their own ideas. I don't recommend using a generic computer for storage. It's hard on the drive as the drive is active 24 hours a day. I'd recommend getting an inexpensive NVR and use IP/POE based cameras. They are connected to the NVR with Cat5/6 cable. The NVR will have a VGA output and can have an HDMI output. You can put software on your devices to monitor the cameras thru the network. Most come with apps that you could use on a smart phone if desired. NVRs come in 4, 8, and 16 channels.

As far as brands.... I use predominantly Hikvison and Bosch. Bosch is strictly pro equipment.,

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