DSC CO Detector trouble/restore at night only


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DSC CO Detector trouble/restore at night only

I started having this odd issue with a DSC CO detector WS4913 that is in my unfinished basement connected to a DSC PowerSeries alarm. CO detector works fine during the day but It keeps indicating Trouble starting at 2am until I take out its batteries. The trouble status would indicate and then it would restore back 1 minute later. Last night it happened at 2:15am (restored 2:16am), 2:28am (restored 2:29am), 2:43am (restored 2:44am). There doesn't seem to be a pattern. So the panel beeps once whenever this happens at night so it is super annoying. The alarm doesn't say the cause of the trouble, just says trouble.

I tested the battery with a volt meter and it says 3V so battery is good. I took an air duster and blew the insides of the co detector from the holes. That kept it quiet for about a week. It's been a week of it working fine after I blew it with the air duster and it started doing this trouble/restore again last night. I was going to stick a vacuum on it today and try again. I'm out of ideas what could be wrong here anyone have any suggestions on what I can try or do?

The detector says it was manufactured in Nov 2016 and I marked that I registered it with my DSC alarm system 3/27/2017. It says EOL is 2021. Its been working fine up until a few weeks ago when it started doing this weird behavior.

PS: The one I replaced with this one started doing the same thing but that one lasted over 5 years so it was probably EOL for that one.

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Moved it to a different floor in the house today just to see if something is happening in the basement at night. Same problem at around 10pm tonight in the bedroom of the house so I think I can rule out that something is happening in the basement at night. Took a video - sorry it turned out so long but I was hoping it would show the trouble code twice but as you can see the second time it restored itself from the trouble code so it is blinking green. Here is the video:


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I would guess that it is beginning to fail. EOL is a maximum to make sure they are replaced when the sensor is most likely to become ineffective. Does not mean that they can't fail earlier.
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Just surprising it is beginning to fail right after the 1 year warranty has expired... the previous one lasted almost 5 years.
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Sadly, I've noticed a bit of a quality drop in many of these low voltage devices, of late. For example, I've gotten a lot more bad out of the box fire alarm devices in the last two years, than in the previous five.

Now, it's possible that there may be something in the environment of the original location that is making the sensing element degrade more quickly. A lot of otherwise safe chemicals can contaminate this type of device.

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