Disconnect my ADT Safewatch 3000 System

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Disconnect my ADT Safewatch 3000 System

I have and ADT Pulse system connected in my home now that is not being monitored by ADT. Main keypad is a Safewatch 3000. How would I go about disconnecting, powering down the system? Iím afraid if I just unplug the square beige box by the keypad and disconnect a wire from the battery in the box in the basement the siren will go off and I wouldnít be able to turn it off. Does anyone have any instructions on the right way to totally disconnect my system so I could take the wired keypads, wired siren and the other wired and wireless sensors down? Also is there a way to enter programming mode so I could remove some sensors and stop the ďcommunication failureĒ error message that appears on the keypads? Iím adding a DIY system slowly and would like some sensors to stay connected until I fully install my new system. I understand no help would be called but the siren going off would be good for now until I would disable it when new system is installed. Hope I am making sense and thank you in advance for any help anybody could give.
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It's safe to power down by unplugging the beige box ( 16.5VAC transformer) and pull a wire off the battery in the control panel, as long as you're in North America. Here (in North America), the control panel powers and triggers all sounders in the system. Power the control panel down and the entire system is comatose.

I understand sirens in Europe (and probably other places) are wired to include an independent battery in the siren/bell housing, but that is virtually never done in North America, even with UL Rated systems; and definitely not by ADT.

Now if you're in a different location than North America, this would be the time to mention it.
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Yes Iím in North America...for now Iím looking on how to enter programming mode and how to remove a zone/sensor? I know what zones/sensors I would like to remove by opening the sensor then trying to arm the zone that is open is on the keypad display.
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Here's the first big caveat: If you don't have an alphanumeric keypad (6160 or 6139, or equivalent) you can't access the correct menus for changing zone programming.

That said; if the zone you are trying to disable is a hardwired zone, the simple fix is to take the zone wires off of the terminals, and replace them with a 2000 ohm resistor. That will dummy out the zone and you can move on.

To get into programming:
Power down the system (both AC and battery)
(No, you will not lose any programming or configuration)
Restore AC power, and within 50 seconds, press * + # at the same time.
The system should jump into programming mode.
Press #20 - This will make the system read back the installer code, one digit at a time (ignore leading zeros). Write that down.
Exit programming with *99.

To turn off the communication failure message, assuming that you were using landlines, go back into programming with [installer code] + 8 + 00.
enter *41* & *42* (this will delete the programmed dial out phone numbers and disable communications). Exit programming with *99.

A SW3000 is a slightly modified Vista 20P. Installer manual: http://www.alarmhawaii.com/Alarm%20Vista%2015,20.pdf

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