Seeking recommendations on discreet security cam with night vision


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Seeking recommendations on discreet security cam with night vision

I've barely looked into this so I don't even know what terms to search for but I'd like to set up a system of cameras that I could install in secret locations where only the lense would be visible that could hook up to my home network. I want the cameras to be highest def possible with night visibility if possible.

Idk if it matters but I don't plan on having internet necessarily as I don't necessarily need to see what's going on when I'm away from home. And I guess whatever system you set up it's standard to be able to record as much as your hard drive can handle and the software you use is not dependant on the equipment correct?

I want to do this as cheap as possible so I'll want a free to affordable software that has a mobile app.

I haven't really thought about this yet but it would be nice to have the capability, later on at least, to have a system that can inform you with motion detectors doors and windows that have been opened or just sensors that have been triggered either live or by points in recordings. Idk how this works so you let me know if you know. I'm assuming again this could be a separate system from the cameras.

Is all this possible? Any recommendations on cameras? Thanks
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Do you actually need night vision?

Night vision cameras have LED's that provide the illumination needed to get an image. Illuminating the area with visible light is the best way to get a high definition, quality image in color. As a side benefit to using visible light is that the area is lit for seeing when walking around and provides a deterrent.

All "night vision" images will be black and white and generally of poorer quality than a daylight image. If you don't want anyone to know there is a camera working in the dark then you do need "black" ir illumination. Most night vision camera's IR illuminators are visible and produce a dull red glow that is visible if you look directly at the camera. "Black" illuminators are totally invisible to humans. The down side is that black IR illumination has a shorter range and can be more expensive than traditional, mildly visible IR illumination.
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Thanks. I'll research black ir and regular ir illumination. How is black ir invisible? You mean the light emitted from it?
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IR light cannot be seen with the naked human eye. However, the emitters will have a slight red glow that can be seen in darkness. Black illumination have a and extra filter over them do they cannot be seen.

I use a Flir system that is easy to use, and can be powered POE, and has pretty good resolution, although not HD. You will have a hard time finding a cheap system that is also HD.
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The wyze camera is pretty good being as cheap as it is and has 14 day free recording along with microsd. I have that in our bedroom for when the kids have friends over. I also have ring cameras outside. The wyze cameras start around $25.
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I have used the Wyze system too, and i'm impressed. The cameras are about 1.5" cubes and are easy to install and activate. . We use the cameras to look after a relative so i'd be indiscreet to show photos, but one of our cameras is in a totally dark garage and the night vision shows details on the far wall, 18 or 20 feet out.

I did find a link to a video showing night use. I didn't look very long, you might find other photos online.

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What "ring cameras" do you have? I guess the wyze aren't waterproof no? Maybe you can make them waterproof (?)
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the ring cameras also come in flood light styles. when someone passes by the flood light the led flood light turns on providing light for the camera. its wifi connected too. theres also nest cams that works pretty well for me at night but requires a power cable to be plugged into.
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Which systems DON'T require internet access?

I may use it down the road but for now I just want to use my home network, or maybe some kind of network to stream the cameras to either my laptop or phone wireless but I won't necessarily have it connected to the internet as I just use internet on my phone currently. So far as I've researched, this spy cam, and many others which use this particular software and the Wyze system seem to require internet access just to use their wireless network capabilites which seems nonsensical as you'd assume you should be able to just use a network with the hardware whether or not it is on the internet. Are they just trying to spy on us or something?
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Most video systems, that can be viewed over network, can be kept local (if you don't open the external port on the router, it basically _can't_ be tapped from outside your local network).

I've set up several that are visible on company/home LAN but that's all.

The Wyze system looks to be "cloud" oriented, so for those, you have to do it their way.

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