Moose Z1100 Series I not responding

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Moose Z1100 Series I not responding

System is disarmed, LED's are in correct state - Power, Ready to Arm, Interior On and Delay are lit. The others are off. The system does not respond to any codes. For example, I go to arm the system using 1+PAC. The only response is that after the eight (8) second time out the system gives a single beep. Anybody familiar with this issue? Is it time for a new system, maybe?

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Welcome to the forums.

Are there other PAC's programmed ? Have you tried it ?
It sounds like it lost the PAC in programming.
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It could be something as simple as a worn-out key of your keypad that isn't making contact. Old keypads that have been used with the same codes for decades are bound to do that sooner or later. One key not making contact means that the Control Panel isn't seeing the full code being entered. I assume your keypad is the Z1100R model?

Try entering the code by pressing each key really hard, and try it several times if necessary. If that works, then you can change the PAC to a code with 4 different digits, preferably ones that don't otherwise get used often (e.g., not the [1] key).

But whether or not that's the problem, your keypad is on borrowed time after about 3 decades of use. Unlike purely electronic equipment, the keys themselves are mechanical moving parts and the contact points wear out. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, it's going to wear out. Even if a temporary fix of changing your PAC works to make your system operational, you've been pressing the [1] key to disarm for about 30 years. That's usually my first suspect for a worn-out key, especially if there's a [1] in your PAC. My second suspect is any digit that's repeated in your PAC, which is one reason I recommend that Users not use repeating digits in their codes. Over several decades, you're using that digit twice as often.

I usually try to salvage an existing control/keypad, but in your case of a truly old keypad, I would recommend replacing it with Honeywell Vista-20P Control Panel and 6160 Alphanumeric Keypad. The cheaper keypads (6150) can be used in everyday functions, but you need the 6160 Alpha KP for zone programming.

The reason I recommend that particular model is that Ademco/Honeywell has the Alarm Industry's best record for making its equipment back-compatible: If you had bought one of the first Vista panels in the mid-90's, a new keypad today would be compatible with it, 25 years later. (Other techs can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any other manufacturer can make that claim.)

Ademco/Honeywell doesn't change its entire platform every time they upgrade features, so replacing part of a system 20-30 years later doesn't mean you have to replace the entire control, keypad(s) and any other peripherals.

The Vista-20P has 8 on-board hardwired zones like your Moose Z1100, but with support for more zones (hardwired and wireless) if you ever decide to upgrade.

Don't know if you're interested, but I see one used Z1100R kepad on eBay for $83 ($75 + $8 shipping). For the same price, you can buy a used Vista-20P panel _and_ used 6160 Keypad that are certain to be newer. If you're inclined to go that route, I'd recommend running your selections by us on here first to vet the equipment. I've had good luck on eBay, but I know the equipment. Some sellers don't know what they're selling.
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Thank you so much for the quick responses. The system has three (3) keypads, each producing the same problem. Am I correct in assuming that there are no control board diagnostics that I can perform? Nothing is mentioned in the manuals.

Only have the one PAC. I can try programming a new PAC and see what happens. If that doesn't work, system is probably DOA(?)

I saw the stuff on eBay and came to the same conclusion about not spending new money on 30 year old technology.

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