Prevent outdoor nest camera theft?


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Prevent outdoor nest camera theft?

I want to mount a nest camera outside my front door.

The camera operates over wifi, and need only power supplied over its USB cable.

In theory, I just have to attach the camera's magnetic base on the wall, and plug the USB power supply into the exterior outlet.

But this makes it too easy for the camera to get stolen. All it takes is to yank the camera from the magnetic base, and unplug the USB power supply.

A better approach is to route the USB cable indoor so that people would have to cut the USB cable to steal the camera. And they would have to reattach another USB cable which would make the camera not as attractive to steal. However, this requires drilling a 0.75 inch diameter hole on my wall because the USB connector is that big. I don't like this solution.

Are there other alternatives?
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Can you mount it higher? out of reach without a ladder
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There is really no way of making it theft proof other than putting it up higher out of reach.
Can you put it up over the door or closer to the soffit ?
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So I guess it's a generational thing, what is so compelling that everybody now wants to install cameras on their front porch?
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I think you have to consider why someone would steal your camera. They are relatively inexpensive and commonly available. Without the box and packaging it has a greatly reduced street value so cameras are traditionally not a hot theft item.

If someone wants to take the camera out of action so they can do something naughty unobserved there isn't anything you can do about it. Simply smashing the camera, spraying the lens with paint or putting a piece of tape over the lens or shining a bright light at it can easily defeat it.

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