Vista 20P on back up battery question


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Vista 20P on back up battery question

Hello everyone i was wondering how long a Vista 20p would last on back up battery if it was in alarm mode. for example someone was to cut the power and trip a zone. will the siren go off as well or is it disabled on battery mode ? i have alot of devices connected to my 20p and worry the battery might not be able to handle it when it goes into alarm before its able to send a signal.
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The alarm will work normally in battery mode. The sounder will work. There is no hard and fast rule about time. With the alarm tripped and the sounder going..... I'd expect several hours of operation. With the system in standby or alarm set...... maybe 24-30 hours. A lot depends on the condition of the battery.
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On page 2-5 of the installer manual there is a chart that you can use to add up all of your components, so that you can estimate the size battery it takes for 24 hour standby plus active alarm time.
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