NX-6 wireless zone problems - help


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Exclamation NX-6 wireless zone problems - help

I have an NX-6 v2, with what I think is a NX-548E wireless panel. The system has both wired and wireless zones. The front door is wireless and every few days the alarm panel will say "Not Ready to Arm" fault, zone 7 (front door). I have to open and close the door multiple times before it will be ready to arm. Then about every 1-2 weeks the panel says supervision fault and starts beeping every few minutes (again zone 7, front door). I again have to open and close the door (the panel chimes, which seems like it sees the wireless sensor).

I replaced the battery but it still is having the issue (though it may have been an older battery I swapped into the sensor). Any suggestions, is it just a battery issue and I should go buy a new one? Anything special I need to do before/after swapping the battery?
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Your Door/Zone 7 sensor's battery is most probably okay. This is a common novice error: In tons of everyday devices, (flashlights, phones, ipods, etf), underperformance is related to a weakening battery. However, in all contemporary alarm systems, the sensor batteries are constantly monitored, and the sensor sends a specific signal, approximately every hour, to the control panel to inform it if the battery is low. If you're not seeing a specific Low Battery display, then your battery is fine, and replacing it is superfluous.

It sounds like there's a reception problem between the front door and your RF Receiver. Is that door farthest from the receiver? Have you made any changes that might affect RF Reception? One recurring problem we sometimes run into is when somebody adds a new large mirror somewhere near a wireless sensor: Mirrors are like metal plates to RF signals, and can block transmission/reception.

If you have more than one Entry/Exit door, you might try switching the sensors and see if the problem follows the sensor or stays with the door--that would tell you if it's a reception problem from that location or from that sensor.

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