Door sensors seem easily defeatable?


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Door sensors seem easily defeatable?

Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked 100 times but I didnít see it in my search.
Just installed my 3rd system (Vista 20p) and while installing my door sensors (Pre-wired my new house as it was built, now that itís finished Iím removing the door moldings and accessing the wire that I ran.) As Iím removing the insulation foam and installing the sensors im realizing how easy it would be for someone to remove the molding from the outside and access the wires. I would imagine someone could crimp the wires and shirt the circuit to make an easy connection while itís armed. Is it really this easy or am I missing something?
If it is that easy does anyone make a foam insulation that is like an armor that I could spray in there to make the wires inaccessible? Or any other options?
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Someone with a cordless Sawzall could also cut a hole right through your wall, bypass the sensor and walk in... so what's your point?

I think you are overthinking this. Theoretically if someone knew exactly where the sensor was and you left them a ton of wire to pull outside, and if the noise of taking your trim off didn't alert anyone and it was a full moon and they could force your door open despite the locks, then ya, maybe.

Most doors and windows have nail fins, so the wire isn't even accessible from the outside even if the trim is removed.
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I agree. There is almost no way to get to the wiring.
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Ok thanks guys. Mine was actually very easy to get at by taking off the outside molding (this was my door going from my house to my garage) once the molding was off I easily accessed the wire. I believe this door is an exterior grade door but hey it may be different from my actual exterior doors.
But yes youíre right, probably over thinking, but maybe Iíll look for some super heavy duty insulation foam I could spray in there to stop such easy access to the wiring.
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Just a caveat, don't do such a good job that you can't access the wiring yourself if you ever need to check or replace the switch. I usually leave about a 4-to-6-inch service loop on each switch/contact to allow for possible future work.
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Definitely will do that! Thank you

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