Intellisense FG-1025 False Alarm(?)


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Intellisense FG-1025 False Alarm(?)

Well, good evening...

It is currently 2 o'clock in the morning, and our alarm just went off. Honeywell Vista 20p rev. 10.23. Acoustic glass break detector in the den, C&K Intellisense FG-1025. Went around and searched entire perimeter, no sign of entry. Nothing had fallen off the mantel or broken either. Checked the detector itself, no latched LEDs. Clap test verified, green LED blinks. Cleared alarm memory, yet zone still stays faulted. Wiring has not changed since detector was put in about 2 years ago. Wired to 4219 zone expander with 2K EOL resistor in-tact at the device. During installation for this detector, used 24/4 instead of 22/4 because that's all I had on-hand. Wondering if that somehow has an effect on the loop resistance due to the smaller wire guage. Faulty detector maybe? The Intellisense line is usually well-renowned in the industry, for good reason.

It's good to know the system works, though. Keypads went berserk, siren went berserk, it was the real deal.

I've done walk-tests with all my detectors using the FG-701 simulator, and they all perform satisfactorily. All zones operate as they should, and we have not had a false alarm since... well, just now. I guess that tomorrow I'll have to check the wiring between the panel and detector. The only thing I can think of is maybe something got jarred loose? I popped open the zone expander earlier today to make sure I had an available zone. However, I just checked the wiring briefly and everything seemed secured underneath the screw terminals. Granted, I am half asleep typing this. It's just unnerving to have your alarm system go off in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. Sorry for the rant, we're all just a little spooked, to say the least lol 😅

So much for 8 hours of sleep 😴
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If it was the size of the wiring it would have had a problem sooner.

Since it doesn't show latched (red) the only thing I can think of is the tamper switch on the cover may have problem. That would depend on if you connected the tamper switch into the loop wiring.
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Depending on the age of your battery, a brief power flicker could have the effect of letting the relay in powered devices like the glass break change state long enough to trip an alarm.

If the battery is in the 3-5 year age range, it's pretty much on borrowed time.
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I’ve seen youtubers who own the vista 20p complain when the power goes out for a brief moment the alarm would go off due to aging battery. I’ve had this issue before myself when the alarm went off when I was away and when I returned home all the wired motion and glass break were faulted and low battery warning appeared. Replacing the battery corrected the issue
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