Safewatch 3000 Pro requires code 2 times before disarm? Tech's unsure.


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Safewatch 3000 Pro requires code 2 times before disarm? Tech's unsure.

Hi All,

I have a ADT Vista 20P system that has since been taken over by a 3rd party for monitoring. I have an issue that technical support does not know how to fix other than suggesting a new panel, and i would like to dig a little deeper before just replacing it. System operates as it should. No false alarms etc. The problem i have is that when we enter the building and go to disarm the system, i have to put the code in twice. if i just enter it once and press off, if goes back into armed & stay. The tech said it was either a bad panel, or too many items taking power from the panel bus bar #3 & #4. That doesn't quite make sense and i'm looking for some experts to chime in and give some advice.

The bus bar supplies 1 panel, 1 Ethernet communicator, 2 motion detectors & a wireless transmitter for 2 door contacts. If anything, this seems like a small system and nothing too overwhelming. With this in mind, i would have to lean to a troublesome panel being the most realistic of their suggestions. Still skeptical though. I would think a problematic panel would give other errors, and not be as reliable as it is being in operation, and the only "problem" is an identical pattern required to disarm the system.

What say you?
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When you press off once does it disarm then go back into armed state and you hear the arming beeps ? Or do you mean when you press the code one time and nothing happens and you have to press it again to disarm it ?
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When I disarm it the first time by putting in my code followed by 1 for off, the display switches to STAY and starts to count down from 60, at the same time the LED indicator stays red on ARMED. If I do nothing, once it counts down it remains armed in STAY. The only way to get it to go into a disarmed status is to input the code + 1 twice in succession.
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This is kind of a stretch, but it sounds like this _could_ be some corruption in the programming. It's _possible_ that defaulting the programming and re-programming from scratch might solve the problem, but that's not something I'd undertake lightly.
(DO NOT default the panel before copying the existing programming!)

Critical question: Are considering doing this yourself, or having a professional tech do it? Assuming you have or are willing to buy a 6160 Alphanumeric Keypad or equivalent.

If you're doing this yourself, it might be worthwhile to try default-and-reprogram. If that doesn't work, you've only lost time, but you've gained experience for switching panels and programming the new one.

If a pro is doing it, and it doesn't solve the problem, you'll probably have to pay for the extra time before the pro just switches out the panel and programs the new one.
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I'm not afraid per se to do it myself, but i do know my limitations. My only plans regarding keypads was to add another 6160 to the back door location as that is our most used entry point. I have Geoarm monitoring and their techs were great when setting everything up, and walked me through the whole set up. I would like to think they'll be as helpful adding another panel. They just said that the "double entry" code issue was not something they had ever come across before and didn't make sense.

It's not that problematic that it's an issue really - i just wondered if maybe it was one of those weird settings that only some techs have encountered and know how to remedy.

Question - I have a fire panel also wired in that is triggered from the central hub in the retail center. Maybe has something to do with it???
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It almost sounds like there may be some kind of macro or externally triggered sequence involved. You could try the basics of a full power down and restart. Sometimes that's enough to clear out any programming dreck.

It is possible, that when the take over happened, they may have accidentally triggered some kind of unexpected sequence.

What you can do, if you have an alpha keypad (6160); is to look at the system logs. That will tell you the origin of all of the arm and disarm commands.

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