Recommendation: Wired Camera/Motion Detector (Vista comp)


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Recommendation: Wired Camera/Motion Detector (Vista comp)

I have a 15 year-old wired (low voltage 2-wire) motion detector in my family room that I'd like to convert over to a wired low-voltage camera/motion detector combo. The system was part of a typical Vista panel setup that I converted over to a smart Konnected setup (and loving).

Does such a product exist?

I'm really not interested in a wireless option as I really have no interest in changing batteries in the thing especially given the high ceilings in that room.

I also am not very interested in cloud-based recording, but would like a nice high-res image. What I'm mainly looking for is a camera that might do two things:
  1. Let me see what's going on live (in case the alarm goes off while I'm away so that I can verify if it was a false alarm or not).
  2. On motion perhaps record to my own local server. Even better would be a camera with some local storage just to cover enough video for these motion detection moments or fire alarm.
Really not wanted is a device that requires another hub. I have a Samsung ST setup with Z-Wave equipment all over that area.


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They exist, there are actually several brands, this was the first one that popped up:

The search phrase to use is "PIR hidden camera"

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