DSC PC1555 - Need Help Removing Window


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DSC PC1555 - Need Help Removing Window

We remodeled, moved some walls and removed a couple windows. Now zone 2 is permanently tripped. Ugh.

I figured out how to bypass zone 2 so I can arm the system, but since there are other windows on that zone, I'd like make it right so I don't have to bypass, and everything is monitored.

This is a DSC PC1555, and this is my panel: https://i.imgur.com/a6rarEh.jpg

There are more windows on zone 2 than there are wires in this box, which tells me that the windows must be wired in serial inside the walls, and I might be up a creek?

What is the process for identifying the 'dead' wires on that Z2 lead?

If the answer is 'nope', I think I've read that it might be possible to make this a hybrid system and put wireless sensors on windows. Is that correct? If so, can someone recommend some products?
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Looking at the mass of wires and B connectors behind the phone jack, you may be in luck. Follow the zone 2 wire from the zone terminal to the mass of wires.

You should find that it leads to where the wire pairs are connected together in series that eventually loops back to the common terminal. With a continuity tester you should be able to determine which of the pairs are now showing open.

If you break those out of the loop and reconnect what's left you should be able to restore your zone continuity.

If you do any more remodeling, just remember to use a crimp connector to close the pair of wires from the door/window contact you are removing _before_ you close the wall back up.

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