Siren vs Speaker


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Siren vs Speaker

So I understand the difference between a siren and a speaker I just donít know which to use in this case... with the GE Concord 4 system there is a built in siren driver and even an optional voice module. Most sirens come with their own siren driver, so can I not use a siren on that system? Can I only use a speaker?
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That's correct: When you have a built-in siren driver, you need only the speaker(s).

The most important rating on a speaker is its resistance, usually 4 to 8 Ohms, and the thing to watch for is never go _below_ 4 Ohms, or you can overload the panel output. If you use more than one speaker, learn how to calculate total Ohms in series/parallel circuits, to configure them so they never equal less than 4.

If you're only using a single speaker with 4 Ohms or more, you don't need to worry about it.

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