A little help understanding DSC1550 Programming


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A little help understanding DSC1550 Programming

So is the stuff in [stuff] what you key at that point?


Alarm went down with a massive multi-day power outage and when it cam back up it took a new BU battery and then a service call to locate the bad connection in the 1550 box to get it up.

I had bought a new remote from the service call. I then bought a couple of extras online, and only one would stay programmed. More than three and the newest one programmed became live but the prior one was forgotten. I bought a new CE3 and installed it. (Issues there in another thread.)

So the alarm monitoring outfit talked me through setting the DSC-1550 system clock.Section [19} ?

But said they could not hep me reset the set delay time form 2 minutes (Default setting in section [17] ?? to something shorter. I'm a little timid about the procedure. I'm afraid if I mess it up I'll loose the system until a tech comes, which is a bit costly for a retiree.

Any worlds of guidance or encouragement? I think 1500 is the tech user code.

And hooray, I found a way to open a new thread!
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Installer manual: https://cms.dsc.com/download.php?t=1&id=13593

To change the exit delay (yes, the default DSC delay time is _huge_):

*8 [installer code]
xxx (3 digit entry time in seconds)
xxx (3 digit exit time in seconds)
Press # until you exit programming.

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