IQ2 panel?


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IQ2 panel?

Any way to connect the house hardwired smokes to an iq2 panel?

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Probably not.unless your detectors have a aux relay available You need to know what the I/O point voltage and current is. Most fire panels have a supervisory pulse to power the devices, your IQ2 is I believe only looking for a contact closure and will not power the device.
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The quick answer is simply "No."

DIYers have proposed ways to tie in existing 120V line-power smoke detectors to their existing alarm systems for many years. Most of the proposals are flat-out illegal: It's against Fire Code to tinker with wiring or equipment of fire circuits. There is one product that ties into professional-grade alarm systems (Ademco, DSC, GE, Napco, etc) that support hardwired loops, via a sound sensor that reacts to the sound of the smoke detector's horn, (thus not violating Fire Code), but Qolsys really doesn't easily accommodate incorporating any sensors they don't market within the brand. I can't vouch for the effectiveness or reliability of that device, since I've never had occasion (or inclination) to use it.

Most line-voltage home smoke detectors are ionization types, and the alarm industry uses photoelectric detectors almost exclusively--they're more reliable.
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Dollars to Donuts your smoke detectors are 10 years old or older and are due for replacement. Buy the necessary number of system smoke detectors and install them. Then remove the 120V smokes and install blank plates on the boxes.
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I wouldn't remove the house smoke detectors without checking with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction regarding Fire Code). They might not accept the IQ2 smokes as acceptable replacements for 120V wired smokes. Fire Code can be really finicky about those things, depending on where you are in the country--assuming you're somewhere in North America. Typically, because of the requirements of Fire Code--which doesn't always seem to make sense---an alarm system's smoke sensors will _supplement_ existing 120V smoke detectors. The alarm system smokes are generally better, but the house 120V smokes satisfy Fire Inspectors.

Anyway, for at least a large part of the USA, if you should have even a small fire that brings your house to the attention of the Fire Dep't, and they find you've got rid of your 120V smokes, you could get in trouble. They take Fire Code seriously. But as ThisOldMan said, if they're over 10 years old, it would be a good idea to replace them with new ones (120V replacements).

EDIT: I just did a quick search and found this YouTube vid about sensors compatible with Qolsys panels.
Apparently I was mistaken about the system not accommodating "foreign" (other brands) sensors. So it's possible that there is a sound sensor like the one I mentioned before, that might be integrated into your IQ2. If you can't tell, I've never worked with a Qolsys before.

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I did my research on Oolsys before and i believe they are part of the DSC Divison of smart home products. and they are backwards compatible with DSC sensors if you have the iQ panel with the legacy daughter card. but those are for wireless smoke detectors that runs off batteries. i do not know if they have AC 120v dsc smoke detectors
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No, they don't.

Basically, the general consensus is that you leave your 120v interconnected smoke alarms in place, and if you want smoke detectors connected to the intrusion alarm system, you add them as a supplement.
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If your IQ 2 panel is compatible with either Interlogix 319.5MHz wireless sensors, or Honeywell/2GIG 345MHz wireless sensors, you can use an Encore FireFighter smoke alarm listener to listen to your regular smoke/CO alarms.

Having actual wireless smoke and CO detectors talking to your alarm is better IMHO, but I'd think about using those in conjunction with the listener.

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