Need help with my BRK smoke alarms...


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Unhappy Need help with my BRK smoke alarms...

At 12:30 last night my smoke detector when off.
I have 6 BRK 7010B (hardwired smoke detector) and 1 BRK SC7010B (smoke/CO2 detector wired together.
After checking everywhere for a fire, I pushed the silence button on all of them. 1 made the noise go off for a few seconds by pushing one, but then it came back on.
After about 5 minutes it all went off.
Another unconnected CO2 detector much closer to the furnace and water heater did nothing, so I don't think it is CO2.
I then tested all the detectors. One flashed repeatedly instead of sounding; that is supposed to indicate it is the initiating device. It was the same device that pushing silence temporarily stopped the alarm, so presumably it is the problem. I disconnected it and took the battery out.

That is the first problem. I would guess the fix is to the replace the initiating device, even though it is 3 years old. (it is very clean). Any advice on this would be appreciated.

The second problem is that the CO2 detector does exactly what it is supposed to do on an test. The rest do not. The are supposed to beep 3 times followed by another 3 beeps. Instead they all breep twice, and then the CO2 detectector beeps 3 times, 3 more times, 4 times, and 4 times, just as it is supposed to. Why don't the other 5 unites, do what they are supposed to do; they is beep two sets of three?

My dog didn't like the noise. Please excuse this; I am very tired and I have a bit of rum; doesn't help typing.
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I called BRK. Nice they have CS open on Saturday and Sunday.

They claim the problem is they are dirty. However clean they might look, they have to be cleaned regularly by blowing out with a hairdryer and then vacuumed. I know it says that in the instructions, but I have never heard of anyone actually doing it.

Apparently on the Smoke/CO2 you just push and release the button to get the test, but on the Smoke you have to hold the button in. That is why I wasn't getting the correct test result.

I would appreciate comments on whether these explanations make sense.
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They constantly change their "start up" and "test" beeps.
Dirty at three years...... maybe one..... not all of them. A very real problem is a spider crawling into the test chamber. I use compressed air in a can for cleaning them. A few shots from every angle is usually all that's needed.

Did one smoker detector go off or were they all ringing ?
A single unit in trouble should not affect the others.

Do these use a replaceable 9v battery ? If yes..... they need to be changed every year.

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