Clearing wireless sensor low battery notice on TotalConnect


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Clearing wireless sensor low battery notice on TotalConnect

Several months ago I got a notice of a low battery in a motion detector on my Honeywell Vista 20p. The same notice showed up in the TotalConnect app. I pulled power, including the battery from the panel, and replaced the battery in the motion detector. This cleared the low-battery notice on the panel itself, but did not clear the low-battery notice on TotalConnect. The warning has remained on TotalConnect for months, even though there is no warning on the panel itself.

I believe the reason this occurred was that TotalConnect was waiting for my panel to send a battery restored signal, and that didn't happen because the panel was powered down at the time I replaced the battery. But the panel knows everything is fine because the motion detector is not sending low-battery warnings to it.

I thought I could fix this by forcing the panel to send a low-battery restored signal to TotalConnect. With the panel powered up, I put the old weak battery back in the motion detector, confirmed this with a low-battery warning on the keypad, then put in a good battery. I believe this enabled the battery restored signal to be sent to TotalConnect, because the low-battery warning in TotalConnect has been cleared.

So the lesson here is to not power down the panel when replacing batteries in wireless sensors, as you could end up preventing the battery restored signal from getting sent to TotalConnect, and potentially be stuck with low-battery warnings in the app, even though all the sensor batteries are fine. I did bypass the sensor while replacing the battery, just so the tamper wouldn't set anything off.
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I had a tamper issue that wouldn’t go away on total connect with my lyric controller and I managed to fix it by entering programming mode and into zone programming. Then I exit it and the total connect app says zone sync in progress the successful and it went away
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Similar low battery issue on a 5800rps with a Vista 21iP panel and total connect, but different conclusion.

Sensor battery warning appeared on both the keypad and the TC app. I did the system "off" command which stopped the chiming every minute. I got a new battery, called central station and had the system put into test mode mode for one hour to change the battery. Afterward the battery warning persisted for 24 hours on both the keypad and on TC app. Along the way, I applied the double "off" command ([Code] + [1]) with both the user and installer codes and that had no effect on the displays. At that point I powered down the board by pulling both the AC and system battery and waiting for a bit. When I repowered, the sensor battery warning was immediately cleared from the keypad, but not on the TC app. An hour later, I had the same problem again with the sensor battery warning on both keypad and TC app.

So... I bypassed the zone and checked the voltage on the new battery while in the 5800rps (3.11 volts seemed reasonable) and then, on a whim, took the battery out of the sensor and planned to wait for a few minutes. While waiting I got an email from total connect that the "Sensor Low Batt Cleared". After that, I put the "new" battery back in, cleared the bypass and all seems well.

I'm not sure about the role of time between removing the old battery and installing the new one. Both the OP and I did those operations. My signal was cleared while the battery was "out" of the device and not automatically cleared by simply installing a "new" battery. I don't know when in the process the OP's sensor error was cleared.

Bottom line, this is what worked for me!

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