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Customer alert

Hello, Im not sure if Im in the right area or not But I run a small seasonal business and I am looking for a product that will alert me that a customer has entered the store so I can get more work done without the distraction of constantly being in the shop. Perhaps something that would interrupt a signal and send a notification to my phone so I can go to my shop. Has anyone ever come across a product like this?

Thanks very much

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You can spend a lot or little. Something as cheap as a bell that gets hit when the door opens. Or a light interrupt relay (can't think of the name at the moment) as thresh hold is crossed. Very common. It can light a light or buzz a buzzer or ring a bell. Many stores have this type of thing.

How about something like this:
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Welcome to the forum.

We're going to need a little more information about your situation to be able to give you useful advice. As far as I can tell from your post, the old classic spring-mounted bell on the door, that rings when a customer opens the door, would work.

I can think of several sets of circumstances where that bell wouldn't work: You keep the store door open in warm weather, or you work in a space not immediately adjacent to the store, or you work in a shop that's too noisy to hear the bell---or possibly the classic spring-mounted bell isn't cool enough to use in your shop.

I could while away the morning thinking of reasons that bell wouldn't work for you, but it would be more efficient if you just told us your circumstances so we have a better idea of what to suggest.
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If you have WI-FI in the store you could use an Amazon Blink camera that will send an alert to your smartphone.
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Adding to 2john's suggestion, you could also get a Ring or Nest camera. They have plug-in and battery operated, too. I know with Ring, you can get an app for your computer to send alerts thru there, if you don't have a Smartphone.
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Tell me if i understand your situation accurately; You have a business that has a front entrance into a lobby or something similar, but you don't want to have to be up there all the time and your actual work is done in the back of the building. You need something that will send you an alert on your phone when someone enters so that you can go greet them. Am I on the right track?
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Hi all
Thanks for the help!

I run a small produce operation, it is often busy but in the fall when customer numbers start to drop due to weather, I try to get more work done in the barn or in the field. I can quickly get to the shop on a Gator within 30 seconds. but sometimes i am working without a good view of it so if there was some way to buzz my phone it would be great.
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First thing that comes to mind would be to get a simple alarm system with one door sensor set to "perimeter", meaning it'll go into alarm as soon as the door is opened. Unplug the internal speaker of the system so the customers don't get freaked out. Instead of having the alarm monitored(paying a monthly fee), program it to call your cell phone. There are tips on how to do this at the top of this forum. Maybe someone else has a better idea?

This would work:

Then you'd just need to purchase a single compatible honeywell door sensor like the 5800mini

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