Exterior battery powered wireless security camera suggestions.


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Exterior battery powered wireless security camera suggestions.


I've only just started entertaining the idea of installing some exterior wireless cameras (maybe 4) around the house. Ideally battery powered because in the areas I would place them there is no readily available electric source. I would prefer not to break the bank and if they were available from Amazon that would be easiest.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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You aren't going to find battery powered camera, especially at entry level pricing. Cameras require more power than you might think.
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I installed several Wyze indoor cameras, so far they are working flawless. They make outdoor battery units but I agree, they are going to be a PITA changing batteries every couple of months!
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There are several cameras available like you are looking for. I haven't used any of them so I can't offer opinions on them. Check the reviews on them. Amazon has several different brands listed.

Ring outdoor solar powered camera
Solar/battery wireless outdoor cameras
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You are not able to get into your attic and run cables? Wired ones use the cable set for both video delivery and power supply. My concern with the wireless ones with batteries is I would want them far enough out of reach they could not be stolen and that would also make battery changing a PIA.
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Thank you all for your replies.

We live in Mexico in a cement/brick house which has no attic, but does have several outdoor wired lights. I probably could swap some of those out. Not sure they would all be in ideal locations however.

When the last post just came in I was watching YouTube videos on the Ring Camera Doorbells. I think I might start this project with one of those. Currently we have a wired doorbell (with voice no video) which rings a wired phone inside the house when pressed. I'm not sure how such a setup will interact with the Ring device. Any ideas ?

After the doorbell (which apparently still has a battery) I'll install Ring cameras one by one.

I'll probably start out with the phone interface and then maybe consider an Alexa device.

Thoughts appreciated.
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One of my outdoor cams is solar powered . The power is not a problem. I don't view it much only because I can only view from the cell phone. I prefer using a computer/Internet.
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I've heard good things about the Amazon Blink cameras, but i haven't used them myself so I can't speak from experience.
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I had ring cameras but replaced them with a system I threw together. They offer wireless, wired and some with batteries and offer solar addon to charge them. I replaced with poe cameras. I drilled 1 hole to feed an Ethernet cable to a poe switch and connected my cameras to it. I stuck the wires along the roof soffit and just stuffed them in to hide them. For the front I ran a wire from my garage up my gutter downspout and then along the roof line. With a stone house you may have wifi signal issues to them. I put some outside wifi boosters up until I wired the new system.
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Well I went and picked up a Ring Video Doorbell (Gen 2). I've been playing with it in the house while I wait to have a nice metal back plate made to cover the existing hole left from the Panasonic Doorphone this doorbell will replace.

To be honest I have mixed feelings with this device. At times it seems to work fine but it is wifi and yesterday I pressed the 'ring' button as I was downloading a file and it took about 30 seconds for the event to come through on my tablet. I'm 65+ years old and worked with software for close to 30 years and I *never* had to worry about QoS. If there is a bright spot in this - at least we have an old fashioned brass bell with a strand of wire at the front door as well :-) That bell works pretty well.
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