Vista 20p : Wireless Honeywell sensor to hardwired Fire Alarms

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Vista 20p : Wireless Honeywell sensor to hardwired Fire Alarms

I'd like to connect my hardwired smoke alarm system to my Vista 20p.

Many people use the Kidde SM120X relay with Zwave sensors like Ecolink tilt sensor or Door & Window sensors that have an internal connector block, making connecting to the SM120X relay very easy. (one example here)

I'm thinking that it might be more reliable to connect to my Vista 20p vs Zwave?

  1. Anyone done this and have have a recommended sensor? 8516, 8515, or something else for the Vista 20p? The Honeywell 8515 & 8516 have internal wire terminal blocks. The long battery life of the CR123 is appealing since it will be tucked into the ceiling.
  2. I have several Honeywell 8514 (mini window sensors) already so I suspect adding a 8516 should be easy?
  3. Any advice on programming the Vista 20p for this use case?
thx for the help!
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I take it your smoke alarms are one of the Kidde models listed?
Have you read the caution in the User Guide?
How will you power the module during a power failure?
What I'm saying is, this module isn't a Panacea.
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I use the following for this application with my Vista20P system. Programmed as a 24hr fire zone.

A FIRST ALERT/ BRK ELECTRONICS RM4 RELAY MODULE wired to the NC contact input of a 5817CBXT transmitter module. There are some UL constraints for fire protection zones.
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ThisOldMan The relay is not meant to be the silver bullet but is is an additional safeguard. If the power goes out before these smoke alarms trigger the Vista20p will not get a trigger. I have battery powered Zwave smoke alarms on each floor that will hopefully trigger in that situation. Yes, my home automation system and internet have battery backup.
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You're not going to see a lot of takers on this subject.
Smoke detection is one area where UL certification and approval is important.
We have liability to consider in our installations and that's what we base our answers on.

One problem when interconnecting AC- battery backup detectors is if there is a power failure.... the adapter doesn't communicate an alarm. Another problem is there no supervision of individual smoke detectors.

You have some back up smoke detectors which fills in the "no AC" void.
You also understand the risks. Many of the members that ask about this don't.
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There is a device out there called a firefighter. I believe the firefighter is made by to Gig, which is Honeywell compatible. The firefighter simply gets mounted near your existing smoke detector and listens for the temporal sound that your smoke detector makes then this will alert the alarm system accordingly. But, do some testing before you call it good.

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