NX-6 How to auto bypass zone in Away mode?

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NX-6 How to auto bypass zone in Away mode?

New to this forum, but hoping someone can help as I've just about driven myself crazy.

I know I can set the alarm in 'STAY' mode and it auto bypasses the motion sensor, but as far as I can tell it doesn't give a delay when coming back in through the door to disarm the alarm before going off.

So I want to set the alarm in 'AWAY' mode but also have it auto bypass the motion sensor, so that I can still get all the protection along with the delay when coming back in to disarm the alarm.

The reason being I have several dogs that set off the motion sensor so I want to update the 'AWAY' mode to auto bypass as the extra steps to set the manual bypass are extra steps I have to keep remembering.

But.... I haven't been able to figure this out.

I have the serial direct connect module and the DL900 software, and was able to reset the system (having inherited it without any codes when we purchased the house), and even managed to set my own codes, but I'm missing where to update it for what I want to do.

Can anyone help? Or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance!
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Without a deep dive into the programming manual, I'm going to say what you want is not doable.
There are some panels with a "semi-permanent bypass", but I'm pretty sure the NX-6 isn't one of them.
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Actually, unless you arm the system in "instant" mode, Stay arming still has an entry delay. It just doesn't do the audible count down.

But, no, there's no mechanism, or zone type, that will create an auto bypass with away arming.
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Thanks for the responses!

Not what I was hoping for....but at least it means I'm not crazy and was just missing the little trick to do it...

Hmmmph.... So I will have to continue to manually add the bypass each time then... A pain, but doable...

I mean the fact that STAY arming also does the delay exit as well, is good to know (I must have missed that)... Though now I have to wonder if STAY arming can be set to delay on reentry so the siren doesn't just go off immediately... But I might be trying to make stuff do what it wasn't intended to do...

*sighs* Anyway, thanks again for the quick responses!

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