Replacing a Brinks 3000a premium home security key pad

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Replacing a Brinks 3000a premium home security key pad

I bought a house with a Brinks bhs 3000a premium security system but I don't have the master code( I found out there is no way to obtain the master code) and I like to enable the door chime or other features without the monitoring service. My question is can I replace my Brinks bhs 3000a premium key pad with a Honeywell 6160 keypad without replacing anything else? Are the key pads compatible?
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No, keypads of any one brand are not compatible with any other brand.

Second, even if they were cross-compatible, it wouldn't do you any good. The Master / User Code doesn't live in the keypad, it's in the Control Panel. The Keypad is only the interface between the User and the Panel.

It might be worthwhile to visit other long-time residents in the neighborhood to see if someone knows how to contact the former owners. If they had teenage kids, there's a good chance another kid in the neighborhood has a phone number for one of them.

You might try all the obvious numbers, like 1-2-3-4 (you would not believe how many times I've found customers using that number!), street address, 1122, or other "easy-to-remember" numbers: Google "most common PIN numbers". You could get lucky.

Other than that, the only way I know to recover a User Code in a Brinks system is to take on a new hobby: Starting at 0000 and try 100 or 200 codes at a time, counting up toward 9999. You can set a time apart each day, or you can tackle it anytime you have time on your hands and feel bored. I do recommend you keep a paper & pencil beside the KP to keep track or where you are in your counting.

If you try 100 different codes each day, you'd be sure of finding the code with about 3 months, but chances are good that it won't take that long. You'd find that it doesn't take that long to try 100 codes and might want to do 200 at a time, and more than once a day; if you want to go that route.

One final thing: Test a code by seeing if it will turn the CHIME feature on and off---NOT by seeing if it will Arm the system. Never Arm a system unless you know you have a working User Code. Every month we see users who have Armed their systems and can't disarm them, because some panels are programmed to let you Arm without knowing a User Code. Best to stay away from "Arm" altogether unless you know you have a working Code.
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simpler to just replace the board and key pads with vista stuff and learn to program it. don't be surprised if everything jsut bolts right in and uses all the old sensors

i did one and that all it took.

found this vid on the tube .it has info on how to do it. still seem more work then needed and HW stuff is easier to find programming info is all over net

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