Help with security camera

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Help with security camera

Good morning all. Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this. I have an automatic gate opener that is operated via battery and a solar panel charging system. At my gate which is about 400' from the house I have pretty good Wi-Fi upload and download. My question is is there any way to tap into the panel And connect a low voltage security camera?

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I would connect the camera and wifi transmitter to the battery, not the gate's controller. This would be a simple 12v connection.

Keep in mind that your camera and wifi transmitter will be operating 24/7 and not only a few times a day like the gate. This can put a substantial drain on the system and the solar panel might not keep up, allowing the battery to eventually discharge. So, you probably may need a larger solar panel which may also require a charge controller.
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would probably check with manufacturer I see they offer a camera not sure its compatible with your existing controller though.
another option would be just to buy a separate charge controller and panel hook camera to second charge controller load out and you will also have the additional panel charging the battery where your existing panel may not provide enough charge to operate both the gate and camera assuming you have enough battery capacity so having a higher charge rate from a second controller may likely be needed.
they do show a solar guide for their gate systems below.
Tips for Solar Installation | Ghost Controls
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What wifi setup do you have that gets a good connection over 400 feet?
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sktn77a makes a valid point. Your gate is past the advertised 300' range of WiFi. Normally I would suggest Ubiquity for this, but not running from solar.

A directional antenna at the gate may get a good signal to the house, but it must be line of sight; no trees or tall bushes. Antenna must be solidly mounted and should be as high as feasible. Keep transmission line as short as possible and don't skimp on it; you want as little signal loss as possible.

Check that you can connect an external antenna to the device. To keep from getting sold something that won't work, learn to decode the letter(s) following the wireless network type designators; 802.11???

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