Dsc Alexor smoke detector wiring and programming to 33

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Dsc Alexor smoke detector wiring and programming to 33

Some of the reason smoke detector is not triggering alarm and do not send sms when smoke detector is tested or alarming. Smoke detector is working ok, but dsc do not trigger alarm. Wiring connections are 4 wires, aux +&- and aux - & i/O. 33 is programmed i/O an 34 is pgm to Siren. 133 is programmed as NO 12___8/___7 and also tried as NC and then 133 is programmed 12____8/_____67. In first case 33 is programmed as type 9 and in second as 11.

What goes wrong, why system is not triggering alarm, what should do?
thanks a lot for your help!!

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Welcome to the forums from across the sea.

I'm not familiar with that system. DSC Alexor.
I see model # PC9155 ver 1.1 - is that what you are using ?
PC-9155 v1.1 manual - pdf
This may be the North American model. If yours is different you need to post the model and version.

From what I'm reading this is an all wireless system. That means the smoke detectors are programmed into the system. That would also mean that there is no outboard wiring to the detectors. So I'm not really following the wiring connections you are describing. Once programmed those detectors should send an alarm.
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Ok, first, on an Alexor, there isn't actually a setting for connecting a 4 wire smoke to one of those I/O terminals, which is why there is not hardwired fire zone type in the zone type list.

You can try zone type 14 ( heat). Set that and try testing it by shorting from the IO terminal to Aux-. If it works in that configuration, _then_ try testing it with your smoke detector. Don't forget that you need the 5.6K resistor across the open contacts.

You don't normally need to mess with the 1xx settings, they are pre-configured when you select the zone type.

Again, this system isn't really designed to do what you are trying to do do, so your options are limited.
INSTALLER MANUAL: https://cms.dsc.com/download.php?t=1&id=16699
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Thanks for your responses!
PJmax, model is exactly same, EU version is 433, manual is exactly same than I have.

As manual says, at point 2.2, there are two wired zones which can be I/O or PGM that's why I have been using those. Two wires are just giving power to alarm and another two are connected to zone 33 I/O (page 2-2 and PC9155 connectors). All other sensors, smoke alarms etc are connected as wireless.

MrRonFL,ok, I will try zone type 14 and let's see. Zone type 9 and zone type 11 both recognizing I7O trigger, but did not trigger alarm to other sirens.

Thanks for all advices, let's see how those are working. If any other hints or advices, all are appreciated. Thanks PJmax and MrRonFL!
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Solution so far

I got this working with zone program 11 and NO connection. 133 is programmed as NO 12___8/___7.
11 seems to have similar triggers than 14 so may work with it also. Needs to test after days, but now happy.
Thanks for your help!

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