ADT Safewatch Plus Entrepreneur - 2 Issues need HELP

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ADT Safewatch Plus Entrepreneur - 2 Issues need HELP

Looking for help. I have the ADT Safewatch Plus Entrepreneur system. The Model is a Moose A900R. I do not have any monitoring. The Alarm was installed by a family friend who was in the Alarm business, but has since retired. The system is 30 years old, and is hardwired. It has an alarm (siren) in the attic, so if a breach occurred, the alarm would sound very loudly. I have 6 zones that are grouped. Meaning the kitchen windows may be on Zone 1, the living room on Zone 2, etc. My alarm also has a chime feature so if someone walks in or opens a window the door will chime. Last month I was in the shower, and all of a sudden I heard the alarm siren going off. No one had accidently opened a door or window without turning off the code, it just went off. The trouble code was yellow, and I entered the code & turned the siren off. I thought it was odd, but didn't think much about it. A few days later, I was sitting on the sofa & heard the back door chime, when I went to see who came in, I looked and no one did. I thought that was odd, as well, but then every minute or so just that back door would chime, and again no one there. I checked the panel, and the ready light was green. I checked the system and there were no indicators that the battery was low but I went out & bought a new battery for the main panel box. Thinking that did the trick, it did not. I called the retired family friend who said it is possible that the the door sensor went bad, and thats why it would keep chiming. He did tell me that the hardwired system is best to have vs wireless, and should last another 30 years. Then I started seeing a red light in Zone 6. So I looked to see what we had in Zone 6, just basement windows which have been secure and not ever opened in 30 years, so it doesn't appear that's the issue. I looked in my manual under the heading 'Indicated conditions corrective action required" , it states 'Zone 6" - "Missing Keypad. A control station data wire has been removed from the control." I have no idea what. that means. I did try to shunt down Zone 6, but it is not a permanent thing. Shunting it down does not allow you to arm your house as normal. So it appears I have 2 issues going on, one my back door keeps chiming when it should not, which could be a messed up door sensor, and then I have the issue with Zone 6 and the red light. Ex tried looking at it, couldn't figure it out. Not sure who to call. Hoping for suggestions. Sorry for the long post, but figured more was better.
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This is a Moose Z900 with a few ADT specific modifications (it defaults to the ADT installer code, for one thing)

The door contact is either a failing door contact; a door that is slightly warped enough that the contact magnet is right on the edge of the trigger zone; or failing wiring between the door and the alarm control (in roughly order of likelyhood).

The same thing goes for the window contacts on zone 6. Even though they've not been operated, they can, and do fail. It could be something as simple as the adhesive holding the magnet in place gave up, and it fell off. Or it could be simply a bad contact. Remember, these things are just magnetically actuated switches, and the actual switch inside the housing is smaller than a mechanical pencil lead. Metal fatigue can, and does happen.

Don't go chasing down the trouble display rabbit hole. Remember, those codes only apply if you see them after pressing the [2] key for about 3 seconds.

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