Need Help! Problem w/ Home Alarm System - door magnet

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Need help!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have a DSC (model #PC1500) home security system. It has 3 door alarm magnets and 2 motion detectors on it.
For some strange reason one of the door alarms (magnets) stopped working. The zone light is lit up on the keypad indicating that it isn't on or working. When I open the door the keypad doesn't chime either like it usually does. I have to bypass that zone every time I alarm the system.
Does anyone have any idea why it would stop working and what I can do to fix it?
The magnets are securely in place and wiring going into the magnet is secure and tight. I'm not sure what to do at this point.
I certainly don't feel safe sleeping at night knowing that someone could come in the house and I wouldn't hear them!!

I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!!
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Try this..

I'm not an expert in alarm systems but here's what I would try. You first need to determine if your magentic switch is moving into place or not. Disconnect the wires from the switch that run back to your control panel. Then place a continuity meter across the leads of the switch and then activate the switch. If it closes then your hardware is working correctly. If it does not, then you need to replace that switch. If the switch does indeed close, then you may have a broken wire leading back to your control panel. Try disconnecting those wires from the control panel side and then tying the two wires together at the far end (door side). Test them with your continuity meter. If you read a dead short then your wires are good. If not then your wires are broken somewhere and will need to be spliced or replaced.

Hope this helps..
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Not Working

Could be magnet is bad on door or not lined up. Get a standard magnet from any hardware store, have some one hold it on the switch
(the part above the door) Activate the alarm and see if it works.
If not, you can eliminate the magnet and concentrate on the switch. If the switch is bad you should be showing a protest if the system is so designed.

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