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Question DSC Power 832 programing.

I have a DSC Power 832. What I want to do is move the main panel from my main floor closet which is right beside my front door(not a smart place to put it. Alarm company did it) and move it to a more central secured location in the house. My question is if I disconnect all power from the panel, disconnect all the wires from the panel, and re-connect the wires after a few days in the same locations, would I have programming problems, or would the system function as it did before disconnected everything?

Second question: How can I install and program extra contacts or motion sensors to the system. There must be a general programming code or something. When I read the DSC manual, I can't make heads or tails out of it. I don't understand the "Tech Talk".
Please help! My alarm company wants to rip me off!!!
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The online spec. sheet states all programming is stored in non-volatile memory and it "will not lose programming or system status on complete AC and battery failure".

If the system is connected to a central station for monitoring, make sure you notify them that you're taking the system down for maintenance.

Sorry I can't walk you through the programming steps, I don't have the manual for that model.

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Donīt move that 832 panel from there !!


1. Do not move the panel from itīs original place. I understand
that youīre worried about somebody yanking it off. But ,
I wouldnīt recommend it. Youīll end up wiring the house all
again. Wire should be continuous, from the device all the way
to the panel with no connections in between.

2. Go buy a simple magnetic contact. The big rectangular ones
that have a bigger surface to them. Just $2 or $3 Bucks.

3. Put it inside the panel and program it as a 24hr zone.
Whether the alarm is armed or not it doesnt make a
difference , if somebody tries to open the panel door,
the alarm will go off.

4. go buy a small lock for the panel as well...$5 or $6 bucks

5. To program in the 24 hr zone you may need a special code
that only your alarm company has.

6. Do you have that code....? itīs called the installerīs code.
They may not want to give it to you because if you get inside
your system you could really foul things up. ( Yep, I know itīs
"your" system....but, check with them anyways)

7.If you donīt feel comfortable with programing and reading
freeging binary code or programing hexadecimal gibberish,
then, have your alarm company do it.

8. Oh, by the way, if somebody tries to tear off your alarm
while itīs armed it will have time to get off the warning..
provided your phone is working ok. and they have to go thru
an armed zone first , in order to get to it


1. Put a magnetic contact ( the button kind that goes into
the door itself) on that closet door that protects your panel.
Make sure its programmed to arm in Stay mode....When youīr
in your house and you arm your perimeter...for example at

2. Do both things...protect your panel (As described above) and
your closet door.

The Alarm Man
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