What System to Buy?


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What System to Buy?

I have had a couple of ADT Systems. They are so expensive, I think. I do have a cellular backup module. For the most part it is wireless. I am getting ready to move. I paid about $1200 for the system. Now they tell me I don't own it, but I can't take it with me, but I can pay another $1200 to install it at my new home. They win all the way around.

I am looking for a monitored system that will page me, possibly with text messaging through the internet or dialup using numeric would be ok, but would have an option of a cellular backup as well in the even my phone line got cut.

Any suggestions, I am new to doing this "myself", but I want to this time around. I would like to go wireless as well.

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There are several alternatives of both wireless and hardwired. Please provide additional information( ie number of doors, windows, motions, that you may require). You can email me direct at [email protected]. I am an alarm installer/dealer. I will be happy to assist you.

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Depending on how secure you need your system to be, there are a number of DIY options. I paid about $200 for the X10 system that calls a number you give it. It does its job of keeping the neighborhood (unsophisicated at breaking in) out of my house.

It has a number of pitfalls:
- Wireless. If they take the batteries out of a sensor, they are "out". That would only apply if they manage to get in through an unsecured area. Therefore it is critical to secure all parts of the house that you think they would enter by.
- Calls your number. If you are away from the house, they could be cleaning you out and you wouldn't be able to do anything. Thats why I carry my neighbors phone numbers with me on my Palm. If my alarm goes off, I get called on my cellular, and then I call my neighbors. Never happened but if it did, they let the dogs out.

One advantage at my residense is that my mudroom is never locked. But I got a motion sensor in there. Therefore if they open that door, they set the alarm off.

Personally I like this system over ADT type systems. Its much cheaper and it keeps the neighborhood rif-raf out.
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I've concluded that for most people, a monitored alarm system is not cost-effective.

I've got one that Slomins put in for free as long as I signed a 5 year contract. The contract costs me $75 per quarter. I've had the system for 10 years, so it cost me $3,000 in fees, so far.

My neighborhood is pretty safe - I don't remember the last time a home was burglarized. If I was, my insurance would cover most of what was stolen.

I figure the warning sign on the lawn and stickers on the windows do more to prevent a break-in than anything else. I'm considering dropping the monitoring and just keeping the bell-alarm - that doesn't cost me anything.
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