alarm for my detached shop


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jay k fenwick
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Question alarm for my detached shop

I am building a shop about 100 ft behind my house. I would like to tie in with my alarm sy in my house. What all is involved? next week I dig my ditch for electrical. Can I put the wiring in the same ditch? what kind of wire do I buy for this? any and all help please.
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ed kilpatrick
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Hi, Jay
I'm new here, as I just stumbled across this forum today. I install security in at least one detatched garage each week, and I think I can give you some advice that will point you in the right direction. First, you'll need to determine what you need in the new building. We'll assume 2 doors, one motion detector, a keypad, and a smoke detector, or combination smoke/heat detector. Then you have to determine if you have enough open zones on your existing system. If not, you'll need to inquire with the installation company about a zone expander. As far as cable, I would suggest you pull a 22/12 and 2 or 3 22/4's. The 12-conductor can be used for the door contacts (or windows), and several spare conductors never hurts. A seperate 22/4 should be used for the keypad, and if you want to run a phone line out there, you'll want to keep it isolated from the other cables, also. The reason is interference from the 12-volt power to the motion. You may also consider in the future an intercom system between your house and your garage, and you'll get interference there, too, so use a seperate cable for any kind of communication stuff. As far as how you bury the cable, I've done it both in conduit and just in the ground. Conduit is preferred, for servicing purposes. If you have a problem, you can easily pull a new cable through conduit without digging your yard up. Just make sure you yank a pull-string through there, or you'll get to test your skills and patience with a fish-tape! Anyway, I hope this helps you some. Good luck.

ed kilpatrick
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ed kilpatrick
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Me' again, Jay !!
I got a bit caught up in myself, and didn't answer your specific question. I personally haven't had any problems with my security wires sharing space with electrical wires. Others may tell you different, and I usually try to avoid running parrallel with electrical wiring when I can. But it hasn't been a problem. As far as what kind of wire, my company uses stranded 22/12, made by Genesis, and we usually run 22/4 solid also made by Genesis. C-ya.

ed kilpatrick
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