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Unhappy Work from home on my computer?!

Wow! I have had internet for just one short year (and 3 months, to be exact!) I see some freaks out there making millions! Be that as it may, I am a basically honest person, who loves my forklift operators job. However, I live in a rural area, (translation, hicked-out, small farm community), where the wages are meager at best. I work for a major billiards company in the plant where they make thier pool tables, & the sad thing is, there are people here who have worked for this company for 15+ years, make 9.50 an hour, & they think they have it good!

As a single mother, I recognize the reality that I will never get ahead, never own my own home, or die leaving my girls anything, unless I do something on the side. That is where my problems began. I have spent just a little over $500. in the past year and 3 months, on "work at home from your computer" scams and schemes, & have not made one red cent! I am so discouraged, & also have not one red cent left to spend. Does anyone out there know of any actual, legitimate, work that a person can do at home, from thier computer, in thier spare time, that actually makes you a check once in a while? I mean, no more crapola like SFI, or typing ads for some company that you never get any clicks on your ads... I am talking an actual real, honest employment? If so, please post an answer! Thanks,
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The only way that I've made real money with my computer was when I owned my own typing service. I ran an ad in the local paper and typed resume's, term papers, thesis', etc. As a single mom it was how I paid the bills and feed my children. I didn't get rich off it, but it really helped me out.

If you live in a larger city, then try contacting businesses that offer these type services and see if they need to subcontract out some of the work.

You can also contact your local small businesses and see if they need help with any type of typing, etc.

Other than that, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

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not in a big city

Thanks for the reply- Unfortunately, I do not live in a big city, I live in a really small town, with a population of about 1,400 people, (according to the sign at the edge of the city limits). This is why I was wondering about internet. I was afraid that was the scenerio, but was hoping someone had an idea. The businesses in this area barely keep thier own heads above water, let alone could they hire someone to do any typing for them. But I live an hour and a half from St. Louis, perhaps I will advertise in thier paper, maybe I could generate some work from that direction.
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Sorry to hear about your bad work situation. My suggestion to make some extra money with your computer is eBay. You can ask friends and coworkers if they have something to sell and you'll charge them a small fee to do it. You can look up similar items to get an idea of how much said item is worth then tell the person you're selling for how much you can get and what you'll charge. Percentage usually works the best, you won't make billions like this but it'll help out with bills and you'll learn a new way to make money.

Good luck,

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Advertising is forbidden

Try this website: Advertising is forbidden

it will send you 4 manual's on how to make money from reading emails send by advertisers.
The programs that send these emails will pay you dollars instead of cents that most of the paid-to-read programs pay.

I've started to use the manual's that are sent by the website 4 month's ago and it made me some extra cash the last couple of month's.

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Good idea GBONE


i've been using this site:
Advertising is forbidden for 1 year now and a
It has made me a nice second income.

Good thing a came accross it when i did, I've been looking ad a way to earn extra cash from the internet.

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It's not easy money

I've been with the same home business for 7 years, and make small income. If you are looking for the right business, have the person show you how to work the business before you get involved. Make sure they are listed with the BBB too, and check the history of the company. I know people who do ebay and other types of businesses. You have to do your homework. Also be careful when you fill out some informational request forms, they could load you with spyware. A good one never makes rediculous claims ---- good luck

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