working from home?

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Smile working from home?

I am tring to find a work at home job. If anyone on here knows of any please let me know. Any thing would be great! Thanks!!!

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Welcome to the DIY forums

You will find more help searching the web, do google searches or looking in ads in the newspaper, etc. as offers for work are prohibited in the Forums.
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99.999% of what yuo find will be some sort of scam .

We have worked from home for 25+ years (long before it was "cool" or evan heard off)

but they have been in business we started for the most part . When my wife got pregnant with our first son 26 years ago whe suggested to her boss that she work at home he never evan heard of the idea but agreed to try it since it was mostly phone work , he was pleased and the job lasted two years untill we moved. since then we have been running our own busnies's

point is chances of finding someone to hire you to work from home legitmatley is very slim

finding someone trying to scam you is high

best thing is to find a business you can run from home , become self emplyed.
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it would help if you could tell us what education you have & what talents you have.

but generally speaking, anything you have or can make, you could sell on ebay. maybe go to ebay & see all the stuff people are selling & get an idea for something you've got or could make that other people would want, like floral arrangements, wreaths, stained glass stuff, anything you could custom sew (draperies, clothes, etc) or just regular stuff you'd normally put in a garage sale.

i've purchased a custom made silk floral arrangement and a custom made stained glass item both from gals on ebay who are making this stuff in their homes & selling them on ebay. but they didn't have exactly what i wanted, so each agreed to make me something specific (custom).

along the same lines, anything decorative that you could make, you could sell wholesale to a local gift shop (hand painted furniture, children's furniture, lamps, lampshades, etc).

if you can sew, in addition to making custom clothing (bridesmaids dresses, etc) or home fashions (bedding, draperies, etc) you could do alterations. i know in my area, there's a severe LACK of people doing custom sewing.

another idea (if you can type fast): medical transcription. most doctors' offices are sending out their dictation to be done elsewhere, and lots of those people are doing it from their homes (scary thought for us patients, but....!). so if you see an ad for a doctor needing someone to do his transcription, maybe he'd agree to letting you take it home to do?

another thought: babysitting or in-home daycare. maybe just after-school care.

then of course there's the usual: selling tupperware, jewelry, avon, etc.

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Lightbulb Working from Home

I agree with Mango Man "finding someone trying to scam you is high "!!!

There are "tons" of people looking for your credit card number and they won't even describe their product or service. Could this be because it is Self-Serving? How good is a moneyback guarantee from an online "work at home" income plan? That depends. Are you ready to sue to get your refund? Even if you don't join their program, they have your contact information and might sell it many times over. When your email address is on "sucker lists", you usually have to get a new email address to get off of them. In my opinion, unsubscribing usually does nothing except to tell the email sender that "you are a live one".

Most legitimate home work appears to come from current employers realizing that many of their employees can do their jobs at home with a phone and/or a computer. What this means is that you probably need to get a nine to five job at a company location and then convince your employer to let you do it from home.

That's the bad news. The good news is if you do it through your current employer, you will avoid the internet scammers.

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