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vapor barrier

I am currently building a house in Southwest Virginia. The contractor is currently working on insulation and wall board (we will have plastered walls & ceilings). The insulation contractor plans to use blown insulation in the attic spaces. I inquired about a vapor barrier for the ceilings. He said that the wall board has a paper cover and that will serve as the vapor barrier so no additional vapor barrier was required. Is this correct?
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Posts: 1,873 This is a Dept. of Energy brief on Vapor Diffuser Retarders (VDR) or vapor barriers if you prefer.

The manufacturers of cellulose state their product does not require a vapor barrier because of the characteristics of their product. This is widely done.

Wall board that state it has a vapor barrier will have an aluminum foil on one side and not paper. Paint can also act as a vapor barrier.

If you read the brief, you will see that it is more concerned with the air barrier than the vapor barrier and cellulose is a superior air barrier than fiberglass insulation.

So to answer your question, what the contractor said about the paper on the wall board as being a vapor barrier is probably not true. And you don't require a vapor barrier with cellulose insulation.

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