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Have casement windows. vinyl gasket(?) shot. House built in l986. Truth hardware single arm rollout. Don't know manufacturer of this double pane all wood window.

Description of weatherstripping:
V shaped piece fits into small groove in wood around glass. The V is attached to a piece of vinyl about one half inch wide. This is the part which fits snug to the wooden frame when the window is closed.

Anyone know of where I can buy replacement weatherstripping which would fit?
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recommend EFI online for weatherstripping products

I highly recommend EFI (Energy Federation International) at for purchasing weatherstripping and other energy conservation products. I have bought from them repeatedly - everything from window and door weatherstripping to electronic timers and controls. I find high-quality products there which are often unavailable through local hardware stores or the chain home stores. (note: I have no affiliation with the organization EFI - I'm simply a very pleased customer. Check out their products and I think you'll agree they are superb on quality, selection AND price).

Examples of useful energy-saving products at EFI. Just print out this list and try and see how many of these high-quality products and brands you can find at your local "chain" home store or local hardware store:

* Schlegel V Weatherstripping. The "V" is molded rather than simply a fold, so the "spring" performance will last a long time, with strong adhesive backing. 1.25 inches "wide" is suitable for use on the bottom sill, top of the window, and lower sash sides of double hung windows. 11/16ths of an inch "narrow" is for meeting rails and sides of the top sashes of double hung windows. (7 ft of wide is $2.50, narrow is $1.75)

* Niagara glass patch. A tape made specifically to seal those cracked windows. (25 feet is $1.30)

* MD spring bronze weatherstrip. Difficult and time-consuming to install but is the best and lasts forever. (17 feet for $8.95)

* Mortite 90 foot Rope Caulk. Easy to install (brown or gray. 90ft does 6 windows, $4.95)

* Anderson pulley seals for the pulley holes in old double-hung windows ($5.95 for pack of five)

* Schlegel Q-lon door weatherstripping gaskets made of polyethylene-clad urethane foam secured to a galvanized steel carrier ($15.25)

* MD door sweeps which flip up so they don't drag on the carpet and then flip down when the door is closed using a simple yet ingenious mechanism. ($8)

* Todol Pur Shooter Foam Gun SH01*for use with low-expansion Pur 1G polyurethane foam.**($41.25 for good "entry-level" all metal gun. Todol Pageris "professional" grade gun is $108) Advantage of the gun over a can of foam is that you get much better control than spraying through a straw (for instance, size of the bead), plus once you start a spray foam can you have to use up the whole can or it hardens and is useless. Note however that you *do* have to be very careful to follow directions with the gun or you could ruin it the same as a can of foam that sprays through a straw.

* can Todol Pur 1G low-expansion foam. (1 can produces 1,200 ft of 1/2" bead for $15.25, for use with foam gun above. Just used this earlier today.)

* a programmable Aube TI-035 electronic control for reliably turning lights on at sunset and off at sunrise - or on and off at any other time you choose by day of week (based on entering your location once - so does not need a photo-eye) ($36)

Yes, I have purchased all these products from EFI and am uniformly impressed with the higher quality compared with products I examined in local stores (though I have not installed all of these products yet). By contrast - I purchased an Intermatic (heater) timer at Menard's which I later found out online was only rated up to 750 or 800watts - and was not safe for the 1500watt Broan heater/fan I purchased in the same Menards store. (oops). I had to go online to find a Grasslin or Aube timer rated for 1500 watts and above. By contrast, the EFI fan and timer controls clearly describe if they can handle your specific heater or appliance and so you know they can "take the heat."

EFI door weatherstripping products

EFI window sealing products

EFI caulks and foams

other EFI air-sealing products

The prices of products at EFI tend to be as low or lower than other online sources (the Aube TI-035 sunset timer was $36 at EFI compared with $40-42 the few other places online I could even find it). The product pages clearly tell you which products are in stock or on order, and they ship promptly. The one time they made an error, they sent out a replacement the same day and I received it within a few days.

I also highly recommend the Taunton Press book *Insulate and Weatherize" by Bruce Harley (2002) available through Taunton books on do-it-yourself home care, woodworking etc. tend to be good in general, and this one is particularly excellent. It has clear descriptions, good pictures and diagrams, and they name brands and models of specific products you can look for.

According to the author, "Most weatherstripping available at hardware stores is not worth the packaging it comes in. Here, from left to right, are some high-quality ones. V-seal ... silicone rubber bulb ... vinyl-covered V-section (Q-lon is one brand name) ..." (p. 48)
Pages 194-197 list a whole range of suppliers and information resources (including EFI).

Best of luck!
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Smile weather stripping?

It sounds like I have the same windows, house built in the late 1980's, Truth hardware, unknown window pane manufacturer, all wood construction, and it needs new weather stripping that fits on the side of the window so that it is snug against the wood when it closes. I tried to go to a local hardware store and bought some tubular vinyl weather stripping from frost king, however there were now grooves on it to fit properly in the window you have to nail it or what i did is use silicone in the groove, slid the vinyl in the groove and taped it in place until it set. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN GET THE RIGHT WEATHER STRIPPING TO MAKE THE INSTALL AND QUALITY BETTER?

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