Foam insulation.


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Foam insulation.

I am sure that you guys are aware of the foam insulation that comes in a can that you use around door and window applications to seal cracks.
I am looking for something along these lines that will expand to fill an area up to 3 or 4 inches!
Does anyone have any information on a product of this type??
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This site has what you want. You don't have to buy the guns, these units come with a hose and dispenser and are easy to use. If you have never used this type of product, I strongly suggests you test it somewhere first. Also get yourself a large bottle of Acetone, wear gloves and protective eyewear. If you are doing this inside the home, cover everything in the room. Once you get this stuff on something, it is very hard to get it off, including your hands.

If some does drop on the floor, let it cure a day and then scrape it off. DO NOT TRY TO WIPE IT UP when it is still wet.

When you are finished, check the bottom of your shoes and everything else for that matter for foam before you leave the room. More rugs have been ruined because people did not know they had that stuff on them when they left the room.

If you go with one of the box products, we are talking about a lot of foam. Do not underestimate the amount because of the size of the box. Most professional use it everyday and it last more than two weeks.

Another concern is storage. Let's say you use it one weekend and don't finish. When you go to use it the next weekend, you can't because the foam cured in the hose. You might as well throw the box away. Read carefully how to store the product even before you use the product.

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