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Unhappy soffit vents

I am refinishing the attic in my 80 year old house and before I put the insulation in the ceiling, I plan to install the styrofoam channels between the rafters for cool air to come in through the soffits and exit through the roof vents. The roof vents were in place when I bought the house, but there are currently no soffit vents. A previous owner vinyl siding installed on the soffits over the existing wood, but there are no vents in it at all. Is there any way I can go back and add the vents or will I have to rip out the vinly siding and start over?
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Easy enough to do.

1. decide how many soffit vents you need, ie; what the spacing will be, and which size to use.

2. snap a chalk line to keep the soffit vents in line, makes a neater looking finished job.

3. use a drill and a recip saw to make the appropriate size holes, make sure you're not cutting into the rafters.

4. install the soffit vents and paint to match the soffit.

good luck

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Hello caseypilot and welcome to the forums.

If I'm understanding your post correctly, you currently have unvented vinyl soffet (or siding) panels installed? If so it's a fairly simple matter to install the correct soffet ventilation. Gonna take some measuring both inside & oout, but it's nothing you can't do yourself.

If so post back or send me a pm & I'll talk ya thru this, definitely a diy if you're handy. Need a bit more info, what was the original soffet? boxed, open rafters???

You need to consider what the total s/f of exhaust vent is, your intake, (soffet) vents should equal to that.
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I have the same issue as the OP. I would appreciate a clarification of your answer regarding equal area of exhaust and soffit venting ( in case I misunderstood)

I plan on installing a full length ridge vent 42 feet long with approximately 1 inch "exhaust" on each side. I currently have no eave venting as well (there are powered vents and end gable venting)

One inch opening x 504 inches (length) x 2 = 1008 square inches

1008 / 144 = 7 square feet, therefore the total open area of installed eave vents should be equal to 7 square feet corrrect????

Is there any benefit to the eave venting being greater than 7 square feet ?


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